Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1988 toyota forerunner oil pan problem?

well heres how it works 4 days ago i bought a used 1988 toyota forerunner everything worked out had a lil problem with the ignition wire on the start but got it fixed anyways i whent down to auto zone bought oil filter fuel filter and air filter and oil so i change the oil and the filter what i did wrong is put 5 quarts in the engine now i did not know that this thing takes less then 4 i assumed since it was a truck it would be quite a bit like other trucks i changed oil on anyways so i go to sleep (forgetting to check the dipstick cause i was tired) i start her up the next morning (still forgetting to check the dipstick) and drive off i get a block or 2 when i notice the gears are sticking and it bumps when it changes gears now im thinking **** i musta put to much oil in it so i drive back home get under there pop the drain screw put a funil and a court of oil under there and at first everything is fine the oil drains out up and till about a court then just stops for no reason so i check the dipstick and ever after that it says theres a lil much in the engine my first has the same truck except 3 years newer so i call him up hes got the same engine and he says his takes 4.5 courts so im thinking i have 4 in mine now that she be alright on the oil thing but i want to know how i put 4 courts of something in and only get one out (before anyone asks when i drained the oil before i changed it it was from the oil pan not the tranny pan and also i stuck the oil in the right place under the cap that says oil on the engine) any help would be nice cause this makes no sense to me only thing i can think of theres a bunch of oily sludge blocknig it1988 toyota forerunner oil pan problem?
That's weird.


Quarts. Not %26quot;courts%26quot;


Maybe you doubled up on the oil filter gasket and the oil leaked out while the engine was running.1988 toyota forerunner oil pan problem?
It sounds like you are not comfortable with your knowledge and ability to perform the maintenance And that is O.K.! I would let a mechanic or someone more experienced look at it and show you what they are doing.