Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leaking Oil pan gasket?

Went for an oil change and they told me my oil pan gasket is leaking. How much would this type of repair generally cost?

What is the cheapest method of getting it fxed.

I'm sure I've seen stuff that you can just add to your oil to stop leaks, or am I wrong??Leaking Oil pan gasket?
try tightening the pan bolts first and see if that stops the leak and if it doesn't you will have to replace the gasket and usually it can be replaced by raising the engine a little so you can get at the bolts and get the pan down and put a new gasket on it, the stuff you add to the oil to stop a leak won't work, save your money.Leaking Oil pan gasket?
change the gasket... it souldn't be too much.... If a Mechanic was to do it It'd prolly cost 100.00 (depending on Labor rates)Leaking Oil pan gasket?
Hi, Usually just loose bolts around the pan. Sometimes you can just snug up the bolts around the pan to stop a leak. You'll feel, when tightening them. How loose they are. They do not need to be cranked down so hard as to snap them off. More problems then. Around 10-15 lbs of tork. I use a socket wrench, held close to the head. Not the end of the wrench. To tighten. Can't put too much tork to it that way. Stop leak in a bottle isn't the way to go. You don't list the car %26amp; engine you have. Otherwise I could of got more specific. Go to, put in your cars info %26amp; chose repair info, specs. DaveLeaking Oil pan gasket?
The surest fix for your problem is a new oil pan drain bolt form the dealer of your auto. It'll have a new gasket already installed. Too many times aftermarket oil pan drain bolts have inadequate sealing washers and will not mate to the oil pan's opening taper. The flange bolts have seal gaskets that are made of copper or a very hard grade of nylon.