Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oil change on 1996 lincoln towncar?

how difficult is it to change the oil on a 96 lincoln towncar? Is there any special tool to take out the bolt in the oil pan? Where is the oil filter?Oil change on 1996 lincoln towncar?
Jack the front of the car up high enough that the front wheels are not touching the ground. With a suitable drain bucket placed under the oil pan, remove the drain plug with a 5/8%26quot; or 16mm wrench, and drain the engine oil. Turn front wheels ALL THE WAY to the right. With an oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter from the lower left/front corner of the engine. Replace with a new filter (Ford part number FL-820S). Set vehicle back to the ground. Fill up engine with 5 liters of the proper grade 5W30 engine oil of your choice. Hope this helps.Oil change on 1996 lincoln towncar?
buy haynes manual 4 your car at any autoparts store it will tell you 15 bucks plus it will answer any other questions you have everytime i buy a car i buy the book priceless infoOil change on 1996 lincoln towncar?
all oil changes are pretty much the same if you are having trouble guessing how to do it i suggest you don't. Oil changes don't cost that much find a special at some place and just take it in. Like i said if you have to ask how to change it you shouldn't even try.Oil change on 1996 lincoln towncar?
no it just takes a rench the oil filter is usualy on the left side of the engin when you are in the car usualy it is toward the front