Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?

2007 Yamaha V-Star Custom 650. It's due for it's 4000 mile maintenance, but when I spoke to the dealer, he said all it was was an oil change. I don't want to spend 100 dollars for that, so I'll do it myself. What do I need to know? What kind of oil do I buy, do I need a drip pan? How long do I drain the oil?What do I do when I'm done? If someone could take me step-by-step through the entire process, please. Thanks so much! :-)How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
coupla questions to start;

do you have any tools and can you use them? (i'm not being rude, but if you are an edward penishands(everything you touch you fcuk) maybe its best to take it to a mechanic)

do you have a service manual for your bike? if not, either buy one or go to , become a member for free, search and download a manual. these things are gold! tells you everything you ever wanted to know.

by the sounds of your question, this will be the first time you'll have done it so if you are really inimidated, get someone along who knows a bit about bikes (any bikes) to give a helping hand; even if it is to bring the beer!

this is a learning experiance, enjoy it; as you are saving yourself money in the process.How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
u let the oil drain all the way out.... get expensive motorcycle oil.... when its all done dripping into the oil pan put the plug back into the motor and poor how ever much the manual says to put in... and dont let your bike run on no 4000 oil change your probably scratching pistons getting shavings in the motor.... go with 3500 mile change at the most.. try to make it between 2000 and 3000How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
the owner's handbook should tell you what kind of oil you need. probably fully-synthetic and a viscosity rating such as 15-40 or 10-30

if the drain plug is not on the same side of the engine as the propstand then get the bike level to drain the oil

does the bike have a replaceable oil filter? (ie a canister) if so, get a new one and replace it using a NEW RUBBER GASKET, which may be supplied with the oil filter.

if the oil drain plug has a round brass ring under it as a gasket, you should get a new brass ring as they are designed to compress when fitted and are likely to leak if used more than once.

you could get a Haynes or perhaps a Clymer manual for the V-Star.How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
Do yourself a favor, get a service manual for the bike. Seriously, it is a %26quot;must have%26quot; to work on your bike. I understand not wanting to pay to have the service doen, I have always done the service on all my bikes. But with the manual. it is so much easier to do. It is a one time investment to purchase it at the dealership and will pay for itself with the first time you use it.

Good luck and ride safe.How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
heh, funny you should ask, I just changed the oil on my bike last night.

1) Go to an online parts dealer,,, etc. Locate your particular make and model in the online fiche. Find the oil filter, for my bike it was located on the Oil Pan diagram.

2) Print that out.

3) Highlight the price of an oil filter.

4) Go to your local Yamaha dealer. If your local dealer has a website, print out the oil filter diagram there.

5) Walk up to the parts counter, and ask for an oil filter for your bike. The parts guy will hand it over and tell you it's $13.

6) Ask him why the website says the price is $8, and if he'll sell it to you for $8.

* Last night at the parts counter, the guy charged me $13, which I thought was excessive, so I went to their very own website, and the price is listed in there as $8.22. I'm going to call them in a little bit and complain.

7) Go to Wal Mart or auto parts store. Buy 1 gallon of Shell Rotella 15w40 oil, a funnel, some mechanics hand cleaner, and a roll of paper towels. A catch (drain) pan, and oil filter wrench are helpful, but not required. Bring the replacement filter in to find the correct size filter wrench, if you decide to get one. This stuff will usually be cheaper at Wal Mart. Buy some sockets too, if you don't already have them.

8) Go home. Find the oil plug. This will be a bolt (usually 13/16%26quot;) on the bottom of the oil pan. That's going to be at the bottom of the engine. If you're having trouble finding the exact location of the plug, go back to one of those online parts fiches. You can find it there.

9) Find some sort of basin or container that has a minimum capacity of 1 gallon.

10) Put that under the oil pan. If you got that drain pan, use that.

11) Take the drain plug off.

12) Try not to drop it in the drain pan.

13) Look at it. There'll be a magnet on the top of the part that was in the oil pan. That will have tiny metal shavings and metal dust on it. Wipe it clean on a paper towel.

14) When the oil draining slows, get on the bike and rock it back and forth.

15) Put the plug back in when there's no more oil coiming out.

16) Take out the new filter.

17) Look at it.

18) Look around your bike and find the filter thats on there already.

19) Put the catch (drain) pan under the filter.

20) Take it off.

21) Dump out the oil that's in there into the catch pan.

22) If you managed to get that filter off without having it covered in oil, put it in the box the replacement filter came in. Otherwise, put it in a plastic supermarket bag first.

23) Find out how much oil you're supposed to put in. This will usually be between 3 and 4 quarts.

24) Find the fill cap, usually located on the right hand side of the bike, on the transmission.

25) Take off the cap.

26) Put the funnel in.

27) Fill it up with oil. Don't overfill.

28) Take the used oil and filter down to jiffy lube or a mechanics shop. They're required by law in NY state to take used oil from anyone.

29) Go drink a beer.

Any questions? Type them into Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
lol... well, since it's your first time and it's due just get the oil and filter from the dealer. Download or buy the manual for your bike. put an oil pan under the bike, take out the oil plug(17mm), take off the oil filter, rub some fresh oil around the lip of the new filter, put it on, put the drain plug back in torqued to spec. Fill with oil to spec.

put the oil in a milk jug and drop it off at auto zone.How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
just one thing

take your bike out for a ride first to warm the oil up ...and replace the washer aswell

otherwise it will take a longgggggggg time to drainHow Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?
I agree with most of %26quot;supafly%26quot; but would only put in the exact type of oil that is recommended in the maintenance manual (should have come with bike). I buy Valvoline motorcycle oil from Kragen. You're not supposed to use car oil for the Suzuki Bandit I own.

Also, drive bike beforehand to heat oil. But make sure you don't burn yourself on hot parts. It's easier to take off the oil filter off when it cools a bit (make sure there's a pan underneath to catch the oil from this as well.) Pour used oil into old plastic milk jugs or other transparent bottle, use funnel to get oil into container (cut off 2-Liter bottle as funnel) Take used motor oil to autoparts store like Kragen (call beforehand to find out if they accept it - there should be no charge). Keep paper towels handy for cleanup.

Good luck. You'll know it was done right if you do it yourself.