Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?

So yesterday I went to pennzoil to get my oil changed but the guy said they couldn't do it for some reason, I couldn't understand what he was saying bc he was talking half in spanish and I don't speak any spanish at all. So I went to the vw dealership where I usually get it serviced and the guy there explained that it is probably something like this: the oil pan has a thing that screws into it like to close it and eventually it like wares down so if you were to take it off you wouldn't be able to put it back on...they gave me a quote to fix it but it was pretty high so I want to get another quote somewhere else but I dont remember exactly what all the parts are called and how to say what's wrong with it and they aren't returning my calls to tell me any help would be appreciated! Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I know nothing about cars or how they work !!Vw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
Yup, sounds like the Oil Drain Plug hole in your engines Oil Pan is stripped.

The Oil Pan is bolted to the bottom of your engine and is basically a big container for your engines oil. Taht is where all the oil goes when the engine is off. There is a threaded hole at the bottom of the pan into which a large bolt is inserted (the Oil Drain Plug) to keep the oil in, and removed in order to drain the old oil during an oil change. Many modern Oil Pans are made from aluminum which is very soft, especially when it is hot. If the Oil Drain Plug is overtightened or if the threads are not aligned properly the Oil Pan can be damaged when it is re-installed during an oil change. The result is the Oil Drain Plug can not be tightened properly and can result in an oil leak.

Sometimes these damaged threads can be repaired with an oversized %26quot;self-tapping%26quot; drain plug or by installing a heli-coil into the pan. Many shops though will refuse to work on a vehicle that has had these types of repairs done. More often than not anyway the entire Oil Pan needs to be removed and replaced with a new one.Vw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
Older VW's had that plate, with small bolts around the edge, and a filter insert that not all %26quot;quick lube%26quot; places will carry. Your dealership will be the best place to have this done at if this is the case. You can go back there and request a written quote. Get that and you can check other places out that might do the work for you.

Good luck.Vw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
sounds like a worn oil drain plug (from overtightning) you should be able to get an oil drain plug washer at any auto parts store (under $5), unless the guy stripped it out. Then u are looking at about $210.00 for a new oil alum. oil pan.Vw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
its called a drain plug. thay sell a replcement plug that rethreads any repair shop has them in stock for a few dollars dont let them rob youVw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
you need a new drain plug %26amp; gasketVw oil pan problem, help with exact phrasing?
VW is famous for oil pan damage, it's way too close to the road. I'd get a second opinion if I were you.