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What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?

I got a 95 CIVIC EX non Vtec, and just found out recently I need a new oil gasket, and that's the reason my oil is running out every 1,000 miles rather than 3,000. I looked for the oil it takes and I came to 5w30. Might it be 10w30? I bought it to the mechanic for check up and he put 2 ounces I believe because it needed it. I wanted to change the oil myself, and I was wondering if i need to drain anything? or can i just pour oil in once i get it.

and other information, this is going to be my first oil change I do on my own, no one ever teaches me everything, so i learn things the hard way, and never took autos. so if u can tell me the do's and dont's about changing oil. all i figure is, unscrew, drain in a pan, then after thats done, keep poring from the top and check the dip stick till its between the two holes.

the only thing is, my oil is completely out,at check up, i mean the mechanic had to put two ounces in so it would be able to drive home, so do i need to drain anything??What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
Don't attempt the the oil change unless you have some idea of what you're doing. we could talk you through it with directions .... and if you don't understand what we're talking about ( which would come from experience) we both would have wasted our time....and you would have ruined something on your car if you did it wrong. First.....Let the mechanic change the gasket so it stops leaking... and have him change the oil afterwards.

Adding 2 ounces of oil wouldn't make any difference at all......... Did you mean 2 quarts?? Most cars take somewhere around 5 quarts to fill themWhat Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
the older the engine, the heavier wieght oil you put in, for a 95 i suggest 10-15What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
Before adding Oil, I would go to the parts store (in someone elses car) and buy a bottle of Lucus for your oil (ask the guy and they will know what you are talking about) it will be about 10 bucks a bottle and you will only need one bottle! Lucus is a fantastic product and well worth the money!!!!! BEFORE adding the Lucus chainge your oil filter! then add the bottle, then five quarts of oil. with a leak that bad I would check the oil three or four times a week just to be sure that the leak has stopped. An oil change is simple and easy. JUST AS A TIP: do not use a ratchet to tighten the oil drain plug!!!!!!!!!!! you will strip it IE BAD!!!!!! I hope this helps! if you need any more help let me know!!!What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
Unscrew the drain plug and let it run into a pan, put the plug back and put 4 qts. of 10w40 in. Before you do anything, get a new oil drain plug gasket and put the new one on the plug before you screw it back in. And check it every day. It has to be up to the line.What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
I think your mechanic meant you have a leaky oil pan gasket. This is a very tough job for a person who doesn't have much mechanical knowledge. You may want to ask a friend who know of a friend who could replace it for you.

It is certainly rewarding to replace your own oil. You have to put it into consideration of how you are going to dispose of the old oil and oil filter. You will need to buy at least 5qt of oil and oil filter, a wrench to loosen the plug and of course oil filter wrench to remove the filter. You can no longer dump the dirty oil onto the ground any longer. If you shop around or look at your newspaper ad you'll find great deal on oil/filter change under $20!What Oil Does A 95 Civic EX take? how to change oil?
There is no 'oil gasket'.

There is an oil pan gasket, if that is what you mean.

If your oil is 'running out' every 1000 miles then you need to have the leak fixed. Its a huge waste of money to keep buying oil you should have kept for 2000 more miles.

For your car, during colder times, you should use 5w-30 and for hotter times 10w-30. You need 4.5 quarts for your car.

To properly change your oil, you will need:

- Oil

- Oil filter

- 17mm wrench or socket and ratchet

- Oil filter wrench

- Oil pan

- Crush washer

First thing, take the drain bolt off the Oil Pan, let all the oil drain into the pan you have on the floor. And while this is happening there will be a washer around the bolt that you just took out of the oil pan. You need to replace that with the new crush washer. You will now need to replace the bolt into the pan, and tighten.

Next you need to change your oil filter. It is located on the back of the motor underneath the intake manifold. You need to turn it counter-clockwise to remove it. You'll need to use the oil filter wrench to remove it. Be careful because oil will spill out, so have the pan ready.

Once it is fully removed, you will need to check for the oil filter gasket. It might be stuck on the block, if it is, you NEED to remove it. (If you don't, when you put the new filter on and start the car, oil will shoot everywhere) You will have to get the new filter out of the box and then lube the oil filter gasket with oil. Now put the oil filter on, rotating it clockwise, and hand tighten it. Do NOT use the oil filter wrench to put it back on.

Then go ahead and re-fill the motor with oil (and remember 4.5 quarts) Put your oil cap back on, and turn your car on.

Check for any leaks, and have fun.

Hope this helps.
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