Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soket wrench?

What size soket do I need to losen a 1989 honda accord dx bolt on my drain pan. Changing oil myself. I was going to get a socket wrench set is the size more likely to be in a socket wrench set how much do set usually run. thanks in advance.Soket wrench?
socket wrench. it will be meteric, most likely a 16mm, but i am not sure.

do you have a harbour freight near you? see

they have decent tools for your application. if you have one near by, see the internet site and sign up for thier newsletter. they always send out coupoms via email and the mail.

most items will go on sale every few weeks for about half price or so, with the 5 dollar off coupon, you can really safe.

hand tools are garanteed for life. i have damaged a few and simply take them in and they just hand you a new one. better than sears's policy.

they will also have filter wrenches and drain pans and funnels.

depending on the number of sockets as little as 15.00 to 80.00 dollars. they have a set on sale for 4.50. i bought a set of 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 sae or meteric all in individual metal cases with wrenches for 39.00

3/8 drive is the size you will need.

they also have ramps to raise the vehicle so that you can cral under it. if you use a jack, use jack stnds or something else under the car to prevent it from crushing you if and when the jack slips out.
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