Thursday, June 2, 2011

1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?

Hey all,

I am going to change the oil in my car but I don't know what the oil pan looks like. What does it look like? Will I need any special tools? Will the filter just unscrew? Does the oil filter say %26quot;oil filter%26quot; on it? The local autozone will take the oil but what do I take it there in? I don't want to buy any kind of container. How do I get my car up on the ramp things? Any suggestions or tip on changing your own oil is welcome. Thanks!1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
put the old oil in a milk jug or back in the oil bottles,where the new oil came in.the oil pan is right under the engine and all you need is a big enough pan to catch the oil,and a wrench to fit the drain plug.the oil filter screws up on the engine,under the car.its round and before you put a new one on,take some oil and go around the filter also need a filter wrench to take the old filter off,but dont use the wrench to put the new filter on,its only hand tighten.make sure you tighten the drain plug,but not tight enough,you strip the threads or round the head of the can drive your car upon the ramps,before you start your work.make sure you have plenty of rags.hope this helps sounds difficult,but not really.1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
With all those questions I would suggest getting a supervisor to help you on your first try. Maybe dad, a older brother or sister, or a friend that has a little experience. An error on this project could cost you an engine.1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
Have it done at a tire store or jiffy lube. If you have to ask the questions you asked , Don't Touch It1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
With questions like you just asked, if you wish to change your own oil and filter, get someone to show you how to do it the first time. That way you won't try to change the headlight oil by mistake.1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
Don't be cheap, just take it in get a whole oil change and lube for $30!1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
Go to autozone or wherever and buy a Haynes manual, itll tell you in there1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
You have too many unknowns.Take to Wall Mart 22 dollars,Just

be sure and check,Oil level and nothing running out of Oil pan,before you drive off.1985 Ford LTD Oil Change?
Lil well i try my best to help you,.....first you need to get the car of the ground ,so you can get under the car,,,now... look under the car, on the bottom ,of the motor,,, their a pan,,, now ,you look for a bolt,,,,,on the aether the side ore bottom of the ban,,,,you need a wrench you can adjust,to fit,,, unscrew it, ,, have a oil pan ready to sheath the oil, it going to come out fast,,,OK,,,let it run, till it stop, then put the bolt back in, an do not over righting it,,, on the side of the motor, on driver side, you going to see a can,like thing,,, they come in differ en col er,,,,some are organ,, some are red, some are blue, some are white,,,, you going to need a oil fiter wrench,,,, which dont cost much,,,, i say buy one be fore you pull it off,,, after you remover the oil fifter, make sur the oil oil ring ,is still on the old fiter,,,, now fill the fiter ,with enought oil, so it will pick up fast,,,,...,now on getting the car off the ground, is another thing,,,never use a jack,,,, bad thing,,, you can eather buy a set of ramp, are borrol a set. now you have the ramp, have some one to watch ,you as you pull the car upn them,, ..pull the e.. brake, an you ready to change the oil, but honest i say get some one to help you on your first time,,,
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