Thursday, June 2, 2011

H2o in oil pan?

my 91 f150 300ci has water in the oil pan. was my grampas truck. he always said that he had some condensation in the oil pan. truck sat for outside 4 years before i got it. i just did my third oil change in three weeks to flush out anything in the block and in the pan. replaced the gasket before the first oil change. everything looked good in the block. oil pan is new he must have replaced it just before he died. he was a mech for 59 years. any suggestions on how to gett rid of the h2o?H2o in oil pan?
it may just be condensation forming in it,the more you drive it the less condensation you,ll have,you might also want to keep an eye on the coolant level in it,but more than likely its just condensation,you can use a synthetic oil in it and stop that from happening,but you need to drive it also,help circulate the oil some in it,good luck with it.H2o in oil pan?
good luck with it.

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H2o in oil pan?
Check your head gasket, that may be your problem!H2o in oil pan?
Remove Valve Covers and Check Torque on Head Bolts, Replace Valve Cover Gaskets.

After siting outside for 4 years do a Complete Check of the Cooling System. %26quot;Belts, Hoses, Thermostat, Etc.%26quot;

Air Filter and Intake System Clean %26amp; Dry, Condensation could also be getting in that way.

Good Luck!