Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do I get ALL the oil out of my car's engine?

i changed my oil for the first time today, at the same time i jacked up the driver's side to fix a tire, and I notices more oil leaked out (the bolt was still of the oil pan).

but it was taking forever to stop dripping. Could i just dump a bunch of water or alcohol in the engine where the oil goes to help flush all the bad oil out?How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
george no dont put anything other than oil or an oil adative in the oil pan! you would have to remove the oil pan and hand wash it to get all the stuff you would find in that pan out. thats what the car has an oil filter for. the ideal way to drain the oil pan is to locate the drain plug 1st. if the plug is to the passenger side , lift the drivers side up as if removing the tire making sure to put it on jack stands for safety. the oposite if on the drivers side. some cars have a rear centered plug, this can be drained without raising the car usually as the engine almost always tilts slightly rearward. i lift them for ease of examination while servicing the car though. water and oil dont mix and neither do they in an engine so again never put it in the engine and alchohol can blend with any oil you may have and cause an internal explosion in the pan so no to that as well. the best you as an owner can really do is to change the oil while its still prety hot as oil flows from the engine quicker and drags more contaninants with it .most mechanics wont do this because its prety hard to remove the plug on a hot motor.How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
Since this was your first oil change, you learned something valuable... Having the car's front end higher, than the rear, will cause the oil to flow out. Generally, changing the oil works best, if the car has been driven long enough, to warm the oil... The oil flows better, when warm, as well. Then, get yourself a good floor jack, that will support the weight of the front end, of your vehicle, then, have your oil pan ready, to catch the oil, as you remove the oil pan bolt. Then, let the contents of the engine drain into the oil pan, you have on the ground. It will take a while, and, you will actually not get all the oil, out of the engine, though, you should get at least 99.9% out, at least. Once this has stopped, then, remove the oil filter, and, let that drain out, as well. That, combined, with the other oil, that was drained out, should pretty much take care of the old oil. You should never, however, introduce water, or, alcohol, into the engine... You will make a total mess, for yourself, and, could end up, ruining your engine, for good.How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
just tilt the pan so that it wants to drain out well like you know already. don't use solvents for normal changes. you can crank the engine after the pan is empty but before you pull the filter but it has a major downside which is no oil pressure while cranking. you will get an extra pint out that way maybe but you run risks if you crank it too long. i would not do it that way, just drain it with it tilted a bit. get it HOT before draining. put fresh oil in the filter before installing(if it won't pour out while installing) and lube the o-ring. always check the flange for the o-ring from the old filter to avoid embarrassment upon starting.How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
It's not worth the trouble. If you get 90% bad oil out and change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles you'll be in good shape.

Years back I had one friend obsessed with getting all the oil out on every change. He ended up ruining the engine.

Certainly don't pour water or alcohol into the engine.

Compared to 20 years ago motor oil does an excellent job of protecting the moving parts in an engine. I have '91 Dodge work van with 250,000 miles on it and I work it hard. I've taken no special care of it other than regular oil changes and basic maintenance.How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
you got your answer jack up drivers side next time you change oil or both sides never had anything but oil to a motor and they wil always be some left no matter what you do an dyou dont worry about it since its only a cup or less that might be left but next time jack both sidesHow do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
No way to get ALL the oil out without taking it apart. NEVER add water or alcohol. Drain the oil while it is at normal operating temp.How do I get ALL the oil out of my car%26039;s engine?
How do I get ALL the oil out of my car's engine? by completely disassembling the engine... in terms of efficiently changing the engine oil, change the oil when at normal Hot operating temperature, replace the filter first, and make sure that the old gasket came off the engine with the old filter, then put fresh oil on the filter gasket, screw the filter onto the engine adapter until moderately snug, then tighten it another 1/4 turn either by hand or by use of a filter wrench.

When changing the oil you need to run the engine long enough to bring it up to near operating temperature then shut the engine OFF.

If you remove the drain plug or filter with the engine running you will destroy the engine!

Raise the vehicle on ramps or jack it up and set it securely on metal jack stands


Place a catch pan under the filter and remove the filter, check the filter and the filter mounting to make certain that the filter seal came off with the filter - if it is stuck to the mount simply pull it off with your fingers. Put a coating of oil on the rubber seal on the new filter and screw the new filter on until it is good and snug hand tight then turn it 1/8 of a turn farther using the filter wrench if you do not have strong hands or the location makes it difficult to get a good grip on it.

Move the drain pan under the engine oil pan drain - the drain will be a hex head bolt on the bottom of the pan - it may be in the center of the bottom or at the side or back at the lowest edge of the side. If it is a sideways drain take note that the oil will shoot out sideways several inches when you first remove the plug so adjust the drain pan position accordingly. Remove the drain Plug. Remember that when looking directly at the head of the plug that it will turn Left or Counter Clockwise to loosen it. Drain plugs tend to be very tight so a long handled wrench is advised. After the draining oil slows to a drip replace the Plug snugly but do not tighten excessively.

Pour the recommended amount of oil into the engine through the Oil fill opening on the valve cover. Most engines take 5 quarts but some only need 4, ford truck diesels require up to 15 Quarts! Check your owners manual before starting to make sure you have the right amount of and type of oil for your engine on hand before starting an oil change.

Start the engine and immediatly look under the car in the area of the oil filter and watch for leakage - if the filter is not properly installed the oil will pour out rapidly!!! If there is no leakage then you can take the car down off of the jack stands or pull it off of the ramps - park it on a level surface and shut the engine off for a few minutes and check the oil level if you added the correct amount of oil the level should be within + - 1/8%26quot; of the full mark on the dipstick.

If you choose to change your own oil, please do not pour used oil down any water, sewer or storm drain. Used motor needs to be properly recycled to protect the environment! Any automotive dealership or oil change facility will be happy to receive your used oil and see that it is properly recycled.