Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oil Leak on 1991 Dodge Carivan 3.0 Engine?

I had a leak in my 1991 dodge carivan so i had my friend change the oil pan gasket. Before it was dripping and went thru 1 gallon of oil a day.. Now it goes thru 1 gallon a 1/2 hour. Where could it possibly be leaking. Its not from the valve cover gaskets they are all dry. it looks like the pan but we stripped off the old gasket and put the silicone on the bottom AND the top so it would not leak. any ideas and how hard is what you think it is to fix on this carOil Leak on 1991 Dodge Carivan 3.0 Engine?
its probably still leaking from the corners of the new gasket area,you have to use a lot of silicone on them or they will leak worse than they did before,if you,ll check it you,ll probably find that its pouring now from the inner corners on it,good luck.Oil Leak on 1991 Dodge Carivan 3.0 Engine?
To me it sounds like you did something wrong when you changed the pan gasket.That job is quite involved bec not only does all the old gasket have to be properly removed but also the surfaces need to be fully cleaned , plus totally dry , and the even the sequence of what bolts you tighten up first or how much you tighten them up affects the end results.

I'am sure you didn't mean a gallon and you meant a quart of oil but still that amount of oil loss within 30 mins would be extremely noticeable and again if the only place you see wet oil etc is along and on the pan that suggest that the pan gasket is leaking and even an oil drain pan bolt can leak.

Hope hat helps and best of luck.By the way first I'd look over the whole engine very closely for oils leaks but If I were you I'd re-due the gasket and this time don't use any silicone gasket maker with the gasket either just use the gasket maker or a gasket bec having an even flush seal is also vital.

What I recommend you try doing if you don't have a torque wrench or factory torque specs etc is once you change the gasket on any pan later after the vehicles been driven 60 or 100 miles or so go back and lightly tighten the bolts a bit more.