Thursday, June 2, 2011

How long can a pan saver oil plug be used safely?

A while back the Walmart Lube Center stripped my oil pan and put a temporary plug in without telling me a thing about it. The next time I got my oil changed was at Super Lube- the mechanic there told me about it, took out the temp, and put in a pan saver. I have had that for like a year and just went to Tire Kingdom to get my oil changed again. They refused to do it because it's %26quot;against their policy%26quot; to touch a car with that kind of plug. When I went back to Super Lube, I was told that the pan saver was not a %26quot;temporary fix%26quot;, as the guy at Tire Kingdom said, but actually a permanent plug. He said it was just different from the threaded plug that was there before because the pan was stripped out.

Is this pan saver a real fix to save me the money of a new pan? If the pan saver does need to be replaced, can I safely take it out during an oil change and replace it with another one? I don't want to have to pay $400 to replace the oil pan but I am scared my car is going to eventually start leaking oil.How long can a pan saver oil plug be used safely?
they can be used as a replacement. policy doesnt mean a thing, they just want to avoid a headache in the event of failure.its not gonna fail, as long as its reinstalled can have a bung welded in and a new plug, but the engine can catch on fire if you do that without removing the pan.a good welder can do this, i know i can.