Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is there a free online repair manual for a 1999 Ford Taurus SE...I really don't want to buy a whole book?

I need to know how to change the oil pan gasket, step by step. The labor charge for this repair is outrageous! If I can find the manual, I have someone with the know how to take everything apart and put it back together-they are just unfamiliar with this model!Is there a free online repair manual for a 1999 Ford Taurus SE...I really don%26039;t want to buy a whole book?
I'm assuming you are referring to a Taurus equipped with the 3.0L OHV V6 engine, since this is the one where it is most common to have the rubber gasket fail and push through causing a massive oil leak. I strongly recommend you purchase the replacement gasket from the Ford dealer parts department because it is updated to the same style used on current model year 3.0L engines which are no longer prone to failure. The part number is 2U1Z-6710-AA for $38.15US. It wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the pan as well if it's rusted. Believe me you are NOT going to want to have to do this job twice! Here are MY instructions:

Disconnect negative battery terminal. Remove air cleaner and air inlet tube as an assembly. Disconnect both UPSTREAM O2 sensor connectors, accessing from the TOP of the vehicle (the ones with the green connectors). Remove the aluminum heat shield and the back side of the engine compartment where it's held in by two black plastic %26quot;pushpin%26quot; type retainers, taking care not to damage the shield too badly. Raise vehicle on a hoist. Remove both UPSTREAM O2 sensors, using a 7/8%26quot; or 22mm wrench, or an O2 sensor socket. Remove the starter. Disconnect both DOWNSTREAM O2 sensors (blue connectors) where they clip onto the area near the steering rack and stabilizer bar. Remove right/front wheel assembly. Using a 15mm deep socket and suitably sized extension with the appropriate air tool, remove the one nut securing the catalytic converter hanger bracket just under the right side axle shaft, accessing from the right side of the vehicle just above the subframe, but below the axle shaft (this may be difficult to see). Using only the same 15mm socket and appropriate driver, remove the one bolt securing the catalytic converter to the transmission pan area, under the vehicle. Using an impact gun with a suitably sized extension and 15mm deep swivel socket, remove the four 15mm nuts securing the catalytic converter assembly to the exhaust manifolds. This may require the use of an oxygen/acetylene torch to heat up the nuts in order to enable removal. Pay particular attention the back two nuts above the transmission. They will be VERY difficult to access. With an assistant, FINESSE the catalytic converter out, and let it hang by the flex pipe out of the way. Using the appropriate extension and driver with 5/16%26quot; socket, remove the one remaining bolt holding the transmission inspection plate cover, and remove cover. With an %26quot;assistant%26quot; holding the engine oil pan in place, remove the sixteen engine oil pan bolts with a 5/16%26quot; socket and appropriately sized extension, with a 3/8%26quot; drive impact gun. Carefully, FINESSE the oil pan out from under the engine, taking care not to damage the windage tray in the pan, or the oil pickup assembly. Remove old pan gasket, and discard. Clean off both gasket surfaces on the oil pan, and the engine block. Install NEW gasket onto oil pan. Dab a small bead of silicone onto engine block at the four corners. CAREFULLY, install oil pan and gasket onto engine block, again taking care not to damage new gasket in the process. Start ALL sixteen bolts BY HAND, BEFORE tightening. Tighten up all bolts securely. The rest of the installation is just the reverse of removal. Once finished. Fill engine up with 5 liters of your choice of engine oil, and new oil filter. Do you STILL think the labor charge is outrageous after all this? If you need more information, e-mail me. Hope this helps.Is there a free online repair manual for a 1999 Ford Taurus SE...I really don%26039;t want to buy a whole book?
try the public library they should have manuls on this and give you copies of the pages you need for free or very low cost