Thursday, June 2, 2011

HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?

quite a bit too much. How can I get it out, asap? 2000 Chevy Cav.

I know nothing about cars, please help!! I'm affraid to drive it anywhere!

Any way to get it out without out changing the oil pan (which I have no idea how to do!!).HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
Good thinking not to drive it !!

Too much oil in an engine can harm it !

You can see above the (pretty easy) thing to do.

The%26quot;drain plug%26quot; will be ON the oil pan, at the lowest part,looks like a bolt sticking out, all by itself. you should be able to reach it laying down in front of the car.

Unscrew the plug, the oil will POUR out(use a container to catch the oil, and plug in case it slips). retrieve the plug, and put it back when the oil quits coming out, tighten it, andf add 4 1/2 quarts of oil to your engine. Then all you have to do, is re-cycle your oil you drained, and SMILE !! You just did, ALL BY YOURSELF ! 80 % of an oil change !!

You could do the rest, too, but you will probabaly need a tool to remove the old oil filter.

REMEMBER:: Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty !HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
There is a Screw plug in the oil pan. This is taken out when changing the oil. Unscrew it and let some oil out. you may have to add some after you drain it.HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
You need to drain the oil from the vehicle by removing the drain plug.

I would suggest draining all of the oil, then starting with new oil since it will be difficult to put the drain plug back in with the oil pouring out.

Find the oil pan under the vehicle (large black metal 'tub'), then find the drain plug towards the back/bottom, and unscrew that.HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
Locate the oil drain plug and drain about an ounce, you will get oil all over your hands tho so make sure you have a clean up rag available.

Best if the oil is cold as this will spill some oil. Use a clean oil draining container and do not reuse the oil once you dump it.HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
get a pan, unscrew the drain bolt at bottom of engine, let some out.HELP! I put too much oil in may car...?
buy a set of ramps... and a bucket with 5 inch sides drive the car up on the ramps.. under the car in the back or front of the oil pan you will see a plug.. six sides.. place the bucket under this area take the plug out and the oil will drain into the bucket.. after it is all out. replace the plug.. check the gasket.. now look at that oil if it is black discard it but if it is caramel color place in a storage container.. now refil the crank case with the recommended abount which is 4 or 5 quarts.. the oil you drained save as oil to add when low .. back off the ramps put the ramps away and drive.