Thursday, June 2, 2011

Water in my trucks oil?

ok my truck was running fine but i was a lil behind on my oil change so yesterday i went and got my oil changed at a local shop and than went to pick up my friend that lives 60 miles away, 50 miles of interstate, well i go pick him up and everything was ok. well going today to drop him off and after about 30 miles of interstate i hear a pop and i see smoke coming out my exaust in the rear view mirror, than my power steering went out but i got to the side of the road and noticed my brakes were not working either, than i realized my truck shut itself off for some reason. so i look under the truck and see oil coming out from the passanger side of the oil pan where the gasket is. the wrecker told me that there was a good bit of water in my oil cuz it was a yellowish color and it was not really oil textured, how could water get in there i know it wasnt from the shop, it was a well known shop idk if i can say any names on here but it must have got in there some other way, btw there was no leaks that we could see from the outside of the engine like around the heads that water could have got inWater in my trucks oil?
Check the radiater. It holds water to help cool the engine. It might have a leak in it.Water in my trucks oil?
Head Gasket.Water in my trucks oil?
he was talking about anti-freeze in your oil from a blown head gasket or intake gasket. if it was the head gasket or intake gasket then you won,t see it from the outside. that,s what it sounds to me like, the head gasket or intake gasket. water flows through the intake too.