Thursday, June 2, 2011

2000 dodge durango transmission oil change.?

can sum1 instruct me on how to change the tranny fluid and tranny filter on my 2000 dodge durango? its a 5.2 liter 4x2.

does this have a drain plug or do i have to remove the pan? has approx. 90k mi......thanxxx.2000 dodge durango transmission oil change.?
This sums up the 2000 dodge durango 5.2 liter very well,

A transmission assembly will connect directly to the rear of the engine. It will then transfer the energy from the engine to the drive shaft and then on to the wheels.

Except for in the case of front-wheel drive, it is normally located underneath the center of the car. In a front-wheel drive, it is part of the transaxle assembly and is located on the rear and underneath the engine.

Many a time a transmission problem is actually an engine problem. Therefore, before you begin to even diagnose a transmission problem, check the engine systems are operating properly. In case the engine performance is incorrect, the transmission assembly will receive the wrong information.

The front wheel drive transmission assembly is also called a Transaxle. That is because it incorporates a differential while a rear wheel drive version does not.

The transmission assembly allows the engine to operate in its narrow range of speeds. The used transmission assembly provides a wide range of output speeds. To achieve the various gear ratios it locks and unlocks different sets of gears to the output shaft.

The role of the spur gears in a transmission assembly is very important. The smaller pinion gears are fixed in relation to each other. The upper spur gear is mounted onto the transmission shaft with a ball raced metal housing. The inside of this housing contains a centrifugal clutch system. This spur gear is free to rotate on the shaft. The lower spur gear is also mounted on a ball raced metal housing. But in this case the bearing is of a special type called a one-way bearing.

When the engine speed rises sufficiently for the clutch to engage, the car begins to move forward. In this movement the smaller of the pinion gear drives the lower spur gear through the one-way bearing. This automatically locks onto the shaft.

In the acceleration mode the centrifugal force overcomes the resistance of the springs and allows the clutch shoes to move forward. The driving force of the pinion gear at this juncture is transferred to the upper spur gear.

A situation is thereby created where the second gear is rotating at a higher speed than the first. Automatically the one-way bearing allows the shaft to be driven by the second gears.

Just look for the pan if you see a drain plug, if not then pull the pan down. But remember if you brake the gasket replace it or it will leak.2000 dodge durango transmission oil change.?
Some vehicles have a drain plug for the tranny, many do not. Yes you have to remove the pan to change the filter. With no drain plug it gets messy. Put a large shallow container under the pan. Take out all bolts except 2 on 1 side or end of the pan and just loosen those 2. It will stay in place with the seal from the gasket. Get your container ready and break loose the pan on the side opposite your 2 bolts.