Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to change the oil 2002 pontiac grand prix gt?

I have all the tools, 5 qts new oil (vavoline high mileage), new pan, new filter.

I've seen it done at least 10 different times now, I just need quick easy steps to verify I'm on the right track. Thanks!How to change the oil 2002 pontiac grand prix gt?
you will need to start the car to let it warm up for a few minutes this will help the oil to drain better. then jack up the front end and put it on jack stands or drive it on to some car ramps to access the drain plug which is 15 millimeter wrench or ratchet should work remove the drain plug whitch is located on the lower back side of the oil pan. have your drain bucket ready to catch the oil once the oil has drained out put the drain plug back in snuggly, donot over tighten. then move your drain bucket over to the pasenger side of the engine to remove the oil fiter it is located on the rear corner of the engine on the passenger side you may need a oil filter wrench to get it off when it is removed let the oil drain out when it is stopped draining take your new oil filter and screw it back on only as tight as your hand can turn it. then open the hood remove the oil cap on the front valve cover and pour in exactly 4 and a half quarts of oil place the cap back on lower the front of the car start the engine let it run for a minute check for leaks then shut it off and check the oil level and you should be good to go. hope this helps good luck.