Thursday, June 2, 2011

How much is an oil pan?

I took my car in to get an oil change to a different place which is walmart they dont do maintenance they just do oil changes and they said they couldnt pull my pan out the last people to do my oil change was storeys automotive which they have diagnosed my car wrong numerous times and oviously must of screwed up my oil pan or a bolt how much is an oil pan? How much would this cost any suggestions what could be wrong?How much is an oil pan?
depends on the yr. and model; call around.How much is an oil pan?
It shouldn't matter to you how much it cost, because the place that screwed it up should be paying for it! But do NOT let them fix it.

You need to document when/where it was screwed up.

Then you go to a GOOD mechanic (dealer) and have it fixed. Ya, you gotta pay for it at this point.

Make copies of all your reciepts and papers, file small claims court against the place that screwed it up.How much is an oil pan?
Ah yes the idiots at Walmart......

I manage a repair facility. Walmart used to send me cars whenever they had a problem that was %26quot;too big%26quot; for them.

They probably couldn't get the drain plug out because their idiots.

If it is a plug problem, you might not have to replace the pan just have it tapped and put in a new plug. (Aluminum pans are a different story).How much is an oil pan?
The usual way oil change places ruin oil pans is to cross-thread the drain bolt when they put it back in. Hondas have a second problem - the threads in the pan are soft and wear even when changes are done properly (30 ft-lbs torque on the bolt). If the bolt is tightened without a torque wrench or a %26quot;torque stick%26quot; it is not uncommon for the threads to strip.

You don't mention make, model, or year, but replacing the oil pan is $200-$300 in most cars. Sometimes an over-sized bolt with self-tapping threads will be available as an alternative.How much is an oil pan?
Why are they trying to pull your oil pan for an oil change?? You mean they cant get the drain plug off? If so it was probably over tightened and then stripped in the process of trying to remove...not sure what your problem is with the info you provided. Oil pans are different prices for all cars. Depends on the manufactuer, also what its made your local dealership or parts supplier.How much is an oil pan?
save yourself some money by taking it to someplace where they know what they are doing and have them get the plug out and use a self tapping plug that will make its own threads.How much is an oil pan?
It sound as if the last place stripped out the threads for the oil drain plug. Go to an auto parts supply store and buy an oil plug repair kit. You can install it yourself. The kit comes with directions. Never let a garage change your oil if the wrench they use to remove the drain plug is over 6 inches long. The threads are too easily stripped when larger wrenches are used.How much is an oil pan?
There are several different pans out there.Edelbrock make them,but insist on chrome plating them,which makes them expensive.Cheaper one's are made by Dorman Industries.Traditional steel,easily available (for most cars) and,direct OEM fit.Call your local Carquest Auto Parts store,they can get them easily.Usually,they are well under $100.Many people use salvage yard ones,however,you are taking a chance on buying someone elses problem.