Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breaking an oil pan nut loose?

i've spent the last 20 minutes under my chevy blazer trying to break this nut loose and i can't get it at all. i spent like 60 bucks on supplies to get my oils changed so i can't just take it in and someone else do it. any ideas on how to bust it loose?Breaking an oil pan nut loose?
1 have you striped it? try vise grips...make sure you get um just right,,,may take several tries

2 are you turning in correct direction ??? [righty,,tighty,,,,lefty,,,loosey]Breaking an oil pan nut loose?
If you haven't stripped it then there are a couple things that you can do

1) get a longer wrench, more length=more leverage.

2) spray some WD-40 on it and let it soak a while and try again.

If you have stripped it I would use some channel locks to turn it.Breaking an oil pan nut loose?
watch this video for your answer;feature=channel_pageBreaking an oil pan nut loose?
Yup, it is frozen up and needs some penetrating lube or liquid wrench to unstick it. WD-40 does ok, but liquid wrench and penetrating lube is made to unstick tough bolts and unstick locks and other mechanical items.

Spray the stuff on and let soak in for about 10-20 minutes and then you should be able to turn it.

Also using a torque wrench is better than a regular wrench as it helps to avoid stripping the head of the bolt or from breaking it off.

If your bolt head is stripped then vice grips are best, but make sure you buy a new bolt or next time you change the oil, it will be really impossible to get it off again.