Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oil pump ??

how did i take out the oil pan to change my oil filter and pump ?? in a dekota 2002 4x4 5 speed ??Oil pump ??
you are asking how you DID take it out? You should know since you took it out.

To change your oil filter, you DO NOT remove the oil pan!! Check with any auto parts store.Oil pump ??
Normally the oil pump is not changed unless you have no oil pressure. To drain the oil just remove the drain plug and catch the oil coming out. Use a oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter which is located next to the oil pan. Just be sure you have the correct filter and oil to put back in prior to starting the engine.Oil pump ??
why r u taking out the oil pump. is it just the oil filter u r looking for. the oil filter is om pass side .look through thec right front tire uu will see the oil filter. to get yhe oil pan off u will need to removethe motorOil pump ??
Wait wait. Slow down, Sexie. Normally I would be all for a do-it-yourself project but you really are not in the ball park. Your oil filter is outside the engine in plain sight. Removing the pan and oil pump is a big job especially with some engines. And you don't know that that is what is needed. It probably isn't! Put on a mini-skirt and get some lunk to look it (the car) over for you.