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Stripped Drain plug help..?

I began to give my 04 mazda 6 an oil change yesterday. I removed the undercarriage from the bottom of the car and to make a long story short I realized whoever owned the car before me stripped the oil drain plug and I could use some help. I believe I know how to get it off, but I doubt the drain plug would be useable after. So my question is, what are my options? The link shows a pic of what i'm dealing with, its step 9. Its a 6mm hex key flat head screw thats on the oil filter housing. Can I simply go to auto zone or AAP and pick up a new plug? Would they have a temp plug I could use until I can get a replacement? Do I need to buy a whole new oil pan? (i hope not).

Thanks for all the help!!Stripped Drain plug help..?
auto part stores sell oversized bolts for oil pan plugs.

How do you fix a stripped oil pan?

Just wanted a little insight on this...Wal-Mart in Durant stripped my mothers oil pan, they paid a shop in town to fix it. The shop simply put an oversized plug in it but for some reason when I took it back to Wal-Mart in Durant they said they couldn't change it because it had an oversized plug in it and eventually the plug wouldn't seal I guess. They were telling me the shop should of put a helicoil in it instead, I took it to a 2nd Wal-Mart in Denison and they changed it no problem, then when my mom took it to another Wal-Mart in Sherman they said they couldn't change it because of the oversized plug. Who is telling the truth about what? I am getting tired of this whole run around and I am just about to tell Wal-Mart that they can fork out the money for a new oil pan.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
Wal-Mart should have replaced the oill pan and here's why. The oversize plugs are self tappers, and each time you take them in and out, you run the risk of cross threading again. That's what they're afraid of. It got stripped originally, because someone overtorqued it. Their poor work, has now become YOUR problem, and that's not how to do business.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
If Wal-Mart damaged your oil pan, they are responsible for repairing it correctly. If they had the repairs done and now won't change the oil because of the repair work done, they are responsible for getting it corrected. They damaged it, they repaired it, they have to stand behind it.

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
just tell walmart that stripped it that you want them to fork over the money to replace it. stop all the hassle of going from walmart to walmart. most mechanics will not touch something that has been alterd so they will not be reliable if it breaks or whatnot so tell walmart in durant to pay for a new pan to be put on.. they make billiions a yr so they can dish out $100 to replace it.. good luckHow do you fix a stripped oil pan?
i have fixed lots of oil pans and have used everything from silicone to a opinion is they are just giving your mother the run around and if they are the ones that broke it to begine with i would make them replace it.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
those people at wal-mart are jerks. if the drain plug was stripped all they had to do is put a self tapping plug in it. a self tapping plug comes with a washer and it makes its own threads.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
The plug size has nothing to do with changing oil. But for obvious reason, if you simple putting the new oversize plug in without re-threading (making new teeth) your plug would not seal properly. Eventually it would not seal and leak oil. Worse case is it would fall off while driving and destroy your car. Have it fix properly by putting in new thread and proper plug of any size. Or, just get a new oil pan. Depend on the car it can be expansive.

The Wal-mart that does not touch your car is smart because it is a lot of responsibilities. I would not touch your car with plug like that. The thread is stripped, you need new thread or new pan with proper thread, period. But, the plug size or type does not matter. My car have 50 cent .5%26quot;x1%26quot;long s.s. bolt with a 25 cent s.s. washer for a plug. I save me money to know these things.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
Stripping or rounding off the hex on an oil pan bolt has nothing to do with the threads. If the threads were screwed-up there's no way in hell I would have allowed anyone to screw an oversized threaded oil drain plug on *my oil pan! Wish you'd have explained exactly what about the drain plug was origionally messed-up.

I don't understand why a new %26quot;standard%26quot; oil pan drain plug wasn't substituted for the first one Walmart messed up.

Here's where you made a big mistake. A new car dealer of your mothers car should have done the repairs to begin with. If a complete new oil pan was needed then so be it. You should and could have communicated with them through the process.

Can i get money from Meineke?

So last thursday i decide to get a oil change from them which happens when im tired because i would prefer to do it myself.

I walk in there i ask about the type of oil change i ask for the most expensive which is the prefer with tire rotation.

I leave the car he says about 45 minutes.

Fine there is a all you can eat pizza place across the street so i decide to walk there while i get the oil changed.

Before i sit down i get a call that me radiator busted???

I don't eat i go directly back so i lost 10 bucks........

he mentioned as soon as they put it on the rack it must have had a hole already. I WAS IN SHOCK HOW COULD THAT BE.......

Guy mentioned he can replace for 420 out the doors i look at him crazy and then offer to fix for 300. Wow what a price break.

No way i can do myself and i don't have that type of money.


I take a picture of the floor no coolant at all.



He offer to get me a radiator for 125 when i just looked in the bb and found 1 at Kragen for 99.99. Wow this guy does not stop trying to make money.

I go across the street and buy coolant and water to attempt to drive home.

a hour past less then a mile i go pick up all the parts i ordered.

I had to sell the radiator which means now i have to flush the whole engine also. Only was i could drive the car home with out it over heating.

This is all thursday on the day off which if i knew they seem to be this way i would have changed myself in 20 minutes but i want some rest. But ended up putting a whole days work until thursday night.

Very next day i am working i am a merchandiser in this car is the commuter car. About a 2 hours in to the day i noticed i was leaking oil and coolant. Its a common problem when you change the radiator that the water pump goes also.

Yes the guy did not tighten the oil pan screw and i had to fill the up again!!!!!!!

Yes drip drip from a so called Professional location backed by the BBB.

So i have call in from work friday after 2 hours of working to fix the car. I arrive home it is to late but i did buy the parts to fix. I live in a apartment and how i wish i had a garage with light for i can fix that day and not miss another day at work. That's friday i let work know i will not be able to come in i have to fix the water pump. About 4 hour and it cost about 80 dollars for the parts and at any location 250 for the labor.

Im back to work Sunday car all good now thanks to me being lazy and the oil place being crooked.

Total money lost.

Friday for work:200

Sat work:250

Labor thur:300

labor sat:300

What can i do about this????

Any help because i have never encountered a situation like this.

PS will always change me own oil from now on.Can i get money from Meineke?
Your experience with this chain matches mine. I don't know how they can get any return business if they're ripping people off.

Your radiator probably wasn't busted, they just told you it was. In fact, in all probability your water pump was leaking, they saw a drip and %26quot;assumed%26quot; (whether in good faith or bad) that the leak was coming from the radiator. $420 sounds like a decent price for parts and labor if they're replacing the entire cooling system. Which is crazy expensive, but when you've got to take old radiator hoses off it's a good time to replace 'em.

If you still had that radiator you could take it to an independent radiator shop to verify, if the radiator is good or if it's bad and you can prove Mieneke put a hole in it you may have a claim for fraud. Aside from possible punitive damages (those laws vary by state) you aren't entitled to any more than it would have cost for a competent mechanic to fix what they did to your car, possibly attorney fees and costs, and the value of loss of use of your car (i.e., what a rental would cost). A competent mechanic could likely have fixed all this in about 4 hours.

It may be worth the initial consultation fee to talk to a lawyer.Can i get money from Meineke?
The only thing you can do is call the store manager and complain about the oil leak. It'll be hard to prove that he did somethign to the radiator, even with the pictures, but you certainly can try.

Your best bet is to just forget about it and not go back.

How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?

I have a car jack and two regular jack stands. Is it possible to do the job with these? What would I need if I can't? Where do I apply the jack? It seems like the oil pan is the only exposed surface of the engine besides the exhaust. Is the oil pan strong enough to support the bike?How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?
I believe that 'Bike' is correct, since you will have to leave the back wheel on the ground, make sure you leave the bike IN GEAR, and be sure to chock it. If you have a rental shop around, I might suggest renting a bike lift myself. Even then you will have to support the back wheel, because the balance point of the bike will change as you remove and replace parts on the front end.

Either way, make sure you have at least one other person with you, if something goes whacked when your lifting or adjusting the jack stands, you will need someone to help keep your machine from hitting the concrete, which by the way, I hope is the surface you plan on working on.

On the oil pan, yes it SHOULD hold, if you are talking about a car jack like the pit crews use, make sure you put a flat(3/8s) piece of plywood, say 4 inches square on it to distribute the load over a bigger surface. I use a bike jack, on my HD Ultra and because of the rails I have to use the oil pan, but the rails are 4 inches wide and some 24 inches long.How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?
The oil pan should be strong enough. If you're concerned, lift where a bolt head shows because it means there's something behind it. Two jack stands with a board between them should support the bike well enough.How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?
A simple car jack with a protective piece of plywood across it will be strong enough to hold it upright. It is better if you have a center stand since you can then prop the center stand up on something else and that will lift the bike off the ground. However you lift it up, make sure you do a really good job of stopping if from moving around on the kick stand or on the jack so it won'[t fall later while you are working on it. I lifted my bike this way to take off the forks and change the fork seals. It works pretty easy, but it took two people to make sure the bike got lifted and secured properly first.How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?
Put the bike on the center stand and a friend on the back seat to raise the front wheel. I don't think a jack stand will fit but an old milk carton will or wood blocks, just enuff to keep the wheel in the air.How do I prop up my 1999 Kawasaki ZX6R to change the steering bearings?
I agree with both. Make sure when you are doing this have the bike in gear and maybe even have something wedged in with the rear tire to be an extra support to keep it from moving, sometimes even the slightest move can cause trouble... especially where you are in relation to the bike. The oil pan should hold. Two jack stands with a board/beam between them should support the bike just fine. If you know what you are doing you should be ok, but if you are unsure or just want assistance I would go with having a buddy around.

In the Inland Empire area I need help. Other than the BBB who can I file a complaint with for automotive prm?

In December of last year I travel to San Bernardino, my van broke down. I had lfter replaced. The party suppose to change the oil as he did the work. It turn out he reused some of the old parts and still charge me full price. He also seal my oil plug. So the next time I needed an oil change I had to have te oil plug remove along with the oil pan, it cost me an addtion $350 to have my oil change. He said he done nothing wrong. I read the law in Californa and it said its against the law to put on silcone sealent. I went to the BBB and they side with him, inspike I show all reciepts and letters with three different companies stating what he did wrong to my van. I just feel if he charge me $700 to do something, I should not have to pay someone else to correct his mistake. I live in Wisconsin, the company is in San Bernardino so I can't take him to court. How do I get my money back for his mistake? This is a guy who told me to promise him when get to Wis I should sell the van.In the Inland Empire area I need help. Other than the BBB who can I file a complaint with for automotive prm?
I think it would be hard to recover any damages from the mechanic, but you could file a complaint with the California State Dept. of Consumer Affairs. They are responsible for the regulation of auto mechanics. Mechanics have to have a licence to operate in the state of California.In the Inland Empire area I need help. Other than the BBB who can I file a complaint with for automotive prm?
i feel so bad for you! usually the BBB is better than that. I'm not exactly sure what you can do except talk to a lawyer. you could try talking to the owners or the corporation the mechanic worked for. you can file a complaint with the e.p.a. though, no monetary reward for you. sometimes you just have to learn a lesson the hard way. again, I'm sorry that you got ripped off. you are not the only one and there's many people out there that feel your pain!!
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  • 1996 mustang gt. oil Pan leak?

    my oil pan started leaking a it gets worse ever day and i found out the gasket on it had gon bad and needs to be replace and i whant to know how mutch a shop would pay to change it out1996 mustang gt. oil Pan leak?
    It would cost approximately, $100 at our dealership to

    replace the oil pan gasket and to refill it with oil. You can

    do this job yourself for about $20, if you can get under your

    car. Drain the oil, remove the oil pan bolts. Clean the old

    gasket material from the matting flanges. Apply a small

    bead of silicon to the new gasket to hold it onto the pan and

    install it onto the matting flange. Install all the bolts finger

    tight. Starting with the upper right bolt, snug it until tight,

    then 1 full turn if you do not have a torque wrench. Do this in

    a Criss-cross motion until all the bolts are tightened, meaning

    the next bolt should be the lower left one, then the lower right

    and the upper left, etc. Do not over tighten!1996 mustang gt. oil Pan leak?
    Motors manual calls for 2.5 hours, that plus the oil/filter/gasket should get by with around 200 bucks.

    I'm having car problems - advice?

    I went to Wal Mart for an oil change, and they told me I had a bad oil pan gasket and rearmain seal. What does that mean? What parts will I need to buy? And about how much will that cost me to fix?I%26039;m having car problems - advice?
    well unless you are leaking oil then the gaskets are fine unless they tore them up, and the gaskets are just rubber or cork seals that go inbetween parts to make sure that they dont leak, and to buy them just go to an Oreillys and tell them the make, model, year, and motor size and tell them that you need a rearmain seal and an oilpan gasket, shouldnt be more than about $30