Thursday, September 22, 2011

1990 Nissan 300ZX engine (no turbo)?

This one dude is selling a 300zx (with a little problem). He went and got an oil change. however, unfortunately, I guess the oil pan wasn't tied hard enough or something like that after the oil change. Now, on his way home from the oil change shop, he began to hear a knocking sound from the pistons. the faster he goes the worse the sound gets.

Is the whole engine needs to be replaced?

If so, how much would a good used 90' 300zx engine cost?

Is it possible to replace the non-turbo engine with a twin turbo?

How much the installation will cost?

thanx1990 Nissan 300ZX engine (no turbo)?
If the Z was leaking oil, then more likely the noise is the lifters. As you loose oil pressure, the lifters will start to make the noise. The car needs to get oil right away, it can not be driven like that.

Now, if the oil was replaced and has the normal level, and still the noise is loud and steady (never goes away), you got a knocking problem there and could be the lifters that got damage, or something else like the valves and even the pistons.

Those problems are common on the VG30DE engines after many years of use, and that story of loosing oil might just be a bunch of BS he is telling you to try to sell the car.

If you wish to buy the car, make sure to get it for cheap, otherwise, is not worth it. You have about 90% chances that you will have to fix that engine, so you will have to add at least $2K to it.

A new engine is always better, you can get a short block or a long block (I recommend you the long block to avoid problems and complications) or you could repait the old engine if you wish to upgrade it. A NA engine (non turbo) is not really worth upgrading as the price will not be worth the extra power you can gain. I suggest leaving it NA and just replace the engine (long block as I said) and be over with it.

You can buy a NA long block at Nissan, Stillen, Z1, etc, etc. Engine plus labor will run about $2K to over $3K depending on who and what you do.

To go for a TT (twin turbo) is a different story, and you need to have at least $10K for the conversion. Basically you need to buy not just the engine, but the turbos, air piping, water piping, oil piping, intercoolers, radiator (you must change it to fit the pipes), AC Condenser (same as radiator, you must change it), ECU (computer) for the TT, and many more small things but that add lots of $$$$.

A twin turbo conversion is only worth the money when you have a good Z and want to upgrade it, and you want not just a stock 300HP engine, but something better. It is your chance to upgrade the turbos, intercoolers, cams, ECU, etc, etc. Price for a real upgrade and conversion is over $15K. A 600HP setup will run you very easy for $20K (600BHP which is about 450-500 RWHP).

Don檛 forget, the 300ZX is an old car and will need also many repairs for other things. You should keep extra $1K or more in a safe place dedicated to the car as it will ask for it. Trust me, I know. Replacing the harness is a good idea at this point, and it might be hard as Nissan is discontinuing it already.

Good luck.1990 Nissan 300ZX engine (no turbo)?
If you have the know how, and tools, I'd say go for it.

If you have to pay someone to do it, don't. The cost of repairs will exceed the value of the car.1990 Nissan 300ZX engine (no turbo)?
Sounds to me like a B.S. story. If a shop failed to tighten the plug or filter, they would be responsible for any damages. And why did the dumbass keep driving it if it was knocking?? Check with a reputable engine rebuilder in your area, or check online with Jasper Engines.1990 Nissan 300ZX engine (no turbo)?
if it was a loud clicking, theres also the possiblitty of it just being the lifters. when an engine is low on oil, that is an indicator, the lifters will be drained of oil and you'll hear them clicking and they can get quite loud and will get faster as the rpm's increase. this unfortunately how i tell when to add oil to my car :P i need to fix that leak if i can find it....

basically you need to have a mechanic, or someone whos mechanically inclined look at it and listen to it.