Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do I fix this oil leak?

My 2000 Explorer is leaking a bit of oil. I took it to the local mechanic, who's a good guy (but foreign and very hard to undertsand)--he %26quot;fixed%26quot; it and didn't charge me a dime. But the leak is still there! I went back and asked him about it, and he said the oil pan needed a new pin--but to wait until the next time the oil needed to be changed (which is a few months off). I didn't really understand his reasoning, and I don't want to wait. Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!How do I fix this oil leak?
Aint no such animal as a pin on da pan!

He probably was trying to tell you the leak was at the pan (pin) and he tightened up the drain plug on the pan (pin). I know what you mean 'bout them furiners. I can't hardly understand them yankees that done moved into my area!

Te reason to wait until the next oil change is the drain plug (and he may call this a pin) has a bad gasket on it. If he removed it to change the gasket, you would loose all the oil. It has to come off at the next oil change, and he must think the leak is not severe enough to require immediate attention (and adde expense). Sounds like this guy might be looking out for you. Prob'ly oughta keep him as your mechanic. If the language thing comes up again, keep asking til you understand, or have him write it down.How do I fix this oil leak?
well if you have to put in a new pin then your oil is going to come out anyway, so you can wait or change your oil now and replace the pin, pretty much the only option. sorry.How do I fix this oil leak?
This guy sounds like he's good.... keep him! He was probably saying pan, as in oil pan leaking.... if that's to be fixed and its not such a big leak, he was just telling you to wait till you need the oil changed, so not to waste it since its gonna be changed when he replaces the oil pan gasket. But I would like to add this.... KEEP A CHECK ON THE OIL LEVEL, maybe once a week should be good. Don't want to add a engine to that oil pan. By fixed it, he probably tried tightening down on the oil pan, which sometimes fixes it, since the bolts can loosen under the heat and cold they see. But it didn't do it. You could just go ahead and get him to do it now if you want, he had good intentions.How do I fix this oil leak?
the seal on the plug in the pan could be worn or the gasket on youre pan could be worn