Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oil pan in a 2000 mustang?

my oil pan is cracked. my brother in law says he can change it but how had is it?? like what exactly do you have to do?? what tools do you need and can you just do it in your drive way?? bc i have heard tat you have to take the engine out or something to get to it. but when you look under my car you can see it right there. my car is a 2000 Ford mustang V6 3.8L. please give all specific details. tools and everythingOil pan in a 2000 mustang?
About 2 weeks ago I had the aluminum oil pan on my 98 Mustang V6 replaced. I'm reasonably good at wrenching but after looking at the job ahead I decided to have a Ford dealership do the job. They guarantee the work, no leaks etc. Total cost u.s. $603.34Oil pan in a 2000 mustang?
Either remove the engine, or you have to drop the frame in the front about a foot.Oil pan in a 2000 mustang?
Take your Mustang to a Ford dealer. Most labor guides say it will take about 4 hours to do this job if you have the right tools and equipment, like a hoist. Ford dealerships warranty their parts and labor on repairs for 12 months or 12,000 miles. This can be a stressful and messy repair for a backyard mechanic. Good luck.