Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WOW i need a motorcycle expert why?

so i open the oil pan to change the oil of a motorcycle and i see a LOOOTS of gasoline coming out of it.. like 1 galon!..

any reason for it? .. ..

is there any chance to have that much gasoline inside?? this bike was changed the oil few weeks ago i just opened it again just to chekc and all this gasoline comes out!!

How could it happened?

the unique reason i find is someon put in to it... ir what im missing??

(honda cbr600f2 1993)WOW i need a motorcycle expert why?
You left the gas petcock on and your carb float valve failed to seal [leaked] gas ran out of the tank, through the carb, into the cylinder and drained into the pan. Older BMW by chance? I's happend to a lot of people who plunb fergot to shut the gas valve off.WOW i need a motorcycle expert why?
Your carburetors are flooded. The floats are stuck in the open position. This happens a lot on older bikes. jbWOW i need a motorcycle expert why?
One or more of the carburetors is flooding. The float is stuck, or the seal that the valve on the float closes is cracked/damaged. This means that one or more of the carburetors are over-filling with fuel and it isn't running out of the overflow tube to the ground. Instead, the fuel is going down the intake and into a cylinder, where it leaks past the piston rings and floods the crankcase with fuel.

Pull the carbs and inspect them, and fix the issue. It may only be one carb, or it could be more.

In the mean time, as a short term solution; drain and refill the motor oil. When you shut off the bike, turn the petcock to OFF (left hand side of the bike near the rear of the tank). You still need to get the carb(s) taken care of.WOW i need a motorcycle expert why?
Don't listen to Bart.

He thinks he's an expert because he reads bike magazines (his words).

In reality, he doesn't know jack.

Listen to the guys that answered before him, they have it right.WOW i need a motorcycle expert why?
you're draining the gas tank by mistake instead of draining the engine