Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do I change the oil in a 1999 Rodeo and add transmission fluid?

So here's the thing: there are two pans under the truck, my husband drained the wrong one and we think it was the transmission fluid. It has a hard time shifting now - we only drove it to see if that was the problem. How do we fix this problem? He added the new oil - so we are now overflowing on oil as well. Where do we add the transmission fluid? Is there anything else I should know? Please don't let me lose my favorite ride!!! Help me!How do I change the oil in a 1999 Rodeo and add transmission fluid?
Try not to start the engine again until you have drained the engine oil and refilled it with fresh oil to the proper level. Be sure the drain pan is big enough to hold nine quarts and just forget about trying to 'save' any of the old fresh/dirty mix. You can leave the filter alone.

If we're talking about an automatic transmission, the good news is it uses just regular Dexron III fluid. The bad news is you have to fill it from underneath: there is no dipstick tube. To the left of the drain plug, the trans mission pan should have a sort of notch in its shape. Within the notch, there should be another plug. You'll have to pull this and actually pump the fluid vertically into the trans through this hole until it runs over. You should grab perhaps six quart bottles for this as it's hard to all of a bottle this way. I'm cheap, so I screw the applicator cap from a bottle of gear lube onto the ATF bottle and push a length of hose over that to get it done. Just don't squeeze the bottle hard: the gear lube cap is a sloppy fit. It will be messy and transmission fluid stains badly ,so wear junk clothing and have some cat litter and rags handy.How do I change the oil in a 1999 Rodeo and add transmission fluid?
assuming it is an automatic transmission you will fill it through the dip stick tube. easy just pull out the dipstick labeled transmissionand see if there is fluid on it. if not put a few quarts in start the truck hold the brake and switch through the gears to get the fluid in the valve body. check the fluid level and put more in if it needs it. check it in park with the engine running. the engine oil is in front of the tranny so just have your husband look for a different drainplug under the truck and change the oil. also just to b safe you might wanna take your vehicle to a shop when your husband is done and have them check all your fluids to make sure they are at the correct levelHow do I change the oil in a 1999 Rodeo and add transmission fluid?
there is a fill level plug on the side of the transmission. same on my 2000 passport.How do I change the oil in a 1999 Rodeo and add transmission fluid?
As for the engine oil, completely drain the oil and change the filter.Ruining the engine with too much oil in it will create smoke and could damage your engine (requires approximately 5 quarts of oil). On the transmission, there are two drain plugs, one on the transmission oil pan and one on the transmission case off to the side of the pan. The transmission is filled from the plug on the case. This now becomes the trick, you need some kind of pump to get fluid up and in until it starts to flow out freely. Use Dextron 3 (III) automatic transmission fluid (ATF) only. Replace plug, start and run the car for three minutes, shut off, remove the plug. If fluid comes out, replace the plug and you are good to go. If not, add more fluid and repeat the procedure.