Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1986 GM Chev 350 4Barral carb?

i replace the th350 tranny to a 700r4 i'm having problem trying to find an oil leak change pan gasket about 7 times, change all the seals before installation, dry between converter and frt pump could it be the o ring that goose around the frt pump. also can someone tell me how to adjust the reverse lite . it come on when i put it nutral please help. Thanks in Advance1986 GM Chev 350 4Barral carb?
When changing trannys sometimes the dipstick tube can go through a real beating. replace that o-ring. also make sure all lines are tight. dry everything off and try it again. try to look immediately and you will see where it is coming from (before you drive it)

Rev light: use the switch on the trans instead of the one on the car. since the positioning has changed, the one on the gear selector will likely not be adjustable to that extent. the 700R4 has a switch for the reverse light function.