Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stripped Drain plug help..?

I began to give my 04 mazda 6 an oil change yesterday. I removed the undercarriage from the bottom of the car and to make a long story short I realized whoever owned the car before me stripped the oil drain plug and I could use some help. I believe I know how to get it off, but I doubt the drain plug would be useable after. So my question is, what are my options? The link shows a pic of what i'm dealing with, its step 9. Its a 6mm hex key flat head screw thats on the oil filter housing. Can I simply go to auto zone or AAP and pick up a new plug? Would they have a temp plug I could use until I can get a replacement? Do I need to buy a whole new oil pan? (i hope not).

Thanks for all the help!!Stripped Drain plug help..?
auto part stores sell oversized bolts for oil pan plugs.