Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?

I tried to change my oil, and then screw plug failed to tighten and seal. How do I fix this problem until I get a new oil pan?Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
As a temporary repair, and I do mean temporary! Take your existing drain plug and go to your local parts house and ask for an oversize drain plug.

These over size drain plugs are slightly larger than your existing drain plug, but are cut in such a way that they create new threads. But be careful! Where does the material off the pan go to when the plug is cutting new threads? You guessed it!

What I recommend is putting some grease on the tip of the oversize drain plug to help trap the shavings. Thread it in once, and then remove it and clean the grease and metal off the tip.

Oversize drain plugs are usually sold in 1/2 oversize, single oversize and double oversize. But I only recommend going 1/2 or single oversize as a temporary repair.Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
you mean the drain plug or hole is stripped? Then you can take the old plug to a parts store and get a size slightly larger that will ''renew'' the threads.

If you mean that the plug tightens in the hole but you still get as slight leak then you take some teflon tape and wrap it around the end of the plug like a washer,,,,,or U get a new rubber water hose washer (wet it with oil) and use that as a sealing washer.

I do a lot of writing for 2 points.Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
Did you check and make sure you weren't cross treading it when you put it back in? Pretty common problem cause those are fairly fine threaded 20/1. I wouldn't try any rag stuffing or plastic / rubber plug's in it's place. That can lead to all kind's of trouble because your oil pan get's really hot when your motor is running. Take it to a parts store amd let them check the threads. It's not an expensive part.Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
You could use a rubber expansion plug as a temp fix.

You just place the rubber plug in the hole, and when you turn the screw, the rubber is compressed so it expands sealing the hole.Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
They have OVERSIZE plug at auto parts dealer. You are not the first person with this problem.

Just so you know, the drain plug does NOT need much torque to tighten it. You over tighten it.

Good Luck...Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
put some little piece of rag or some more seal and just hope it stays on there while waiting for new oil pan.Oil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
use the rubber repair plug u can get at any parts store [advance auto]..i used one on my pickup truck for 10 yrs and on a ford 8 n tractor in the problemsOil Drain Plug Problem. Helppppppp!!!!?
Teflon tape
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