Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?

My tenant has some old oil in an oil pan in the garage duplex. Looks like he is using the garage to change the cars oil and work on his car in the garage.

Isn't this dangerous to have old oil in the garage like that and also work on his car in the garage in a nice neighborhood? How would I write a letter to him to address this or how do you handle this situation?Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
I'd call the local Pep Boys and ask them how much they would charge to dispose of it.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
the niceness of the neighborhood does not affect the dangerousness of the oil change.

As long as the oil isn't near any open flames or things that get hot it should be fine.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
Well as the landlord you need to address it immediately, it seems like you live in a condo community or duplex; check out the HOA regulations, my HOA states that you can not work on your cars in the garages or on HOA property. Remember that it is your property and you need to let him know what you expect. Best of luck.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
Just make sure he recycles that oil properly %26amp; doesn't pour it down the sewer! I would do what the previous poster stated %26amp; notify him in writing that this activity is not allowed on the premises....and you should add this to your lease for the future.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
I wouldn't know how to change the oil, but my dad changed the oil in all of our cars in the drive way and so did most of our neighbors in a very nice area. As long as he cleans up, I don't see a problem, unless the HOA or municipality doesn't allow it.

If you don't want him to store the old oil or something else like gasoline or kerosene or bbq igniter, tell him. Tell him you're concerned about safety and that oil and such can mar the floor. My mother-in-law had a tenant who drug his motorcycle into the living room to work on it. He didn't last long, but long enough to ruin the carpet and subfloor.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
Sorry, If this was not addressed in the lease you can't stop him from working on his car in his garage unless it violates a local ordinance. If it does you can have the town or village address the problem with a fine. As for the motor oil..just ask your tenant not to leave it around.. to container it , cap it and give to a local gas station or repair shop. Most repair shops in my area are glad to take old motor oil that is not contaminated with any other substances because they us it in their recycled oil heater.

Hope this helpsTenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
People have been working on their own cars in their own garages for 100 years or more. Most of those garages are still standing today. Some of them are even in nice neighborhoods.

Used motor oil isn't any kind of a fire hazard -- it's only an environmental hazard if it's not disposed of properly. It's just *oil*.

Next time you talk to him, you could remind him to make sure he disposes of the used oil properly. Other than that, I don't see that there's any need to %26quot;address%26quot; this issue at all.Tenant Has Old Motor Oil In Garage?
First of all: being in a nice neighborhood has NOTHING to do with any of this!

He has to work on the car someplace. Would you rather he do it in the driveway or in the yard?

The oil being out like that can be a fire hazard. Just send him a friendly note requesting that he keep the garage clean and free of hazards. Anything more is just being snooty!