Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rear main seal change?

Ok so my rear main seal on my 1983 Buick Regal is bad and is leaking oil from it. so ive bought the new seal but im wondering how hard this type of rear main seal is to change. Because people have told me that this kind of seal can be changed without taking out the engine or transmission. People have told me it can be done just by taking oil pan off and changing it from in there. Is That true. Here a pic of the kind of seal it is. ( )Rear main seal change?
Near perfect answer by Big Willy. I will add a couple of minor things. 1.)Use a small screwdriver to push on one end of the old seal to get it started to come out. 2.)Get a can of brake cleaner and use the little tube the comes with it and spray out the channel that the seal comes out of. 3.)Use a thin coat of oil to lube the new seal before sliding it in, makes it go in much easier.

Be glad they are the rubber type seals and not the rope seals. Those are a pain in the ace to change.Rear main seal change?
what engine and what type of transmissionRear main seal change?
Can be done, take off the pan. You will need to remove the rear crankshaft journal cap. You take one half of your two piece seal and after gently removing the old one above the crank slowly push it up and around the crank into the engine. Then the other sets in the cap and you install the cap to the proper torque specifications for that engine.Rear main seal change?
As stated above provided seal is 2 piece. One piece seal a lot more work.