Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do you fix a stripped oil pan?

Just wanted a little insight on this...Wal-Mart in Durant stripped my mothers oil pan, they paid a shop in town to fix it. The shop simply put an oversized plug in it but for some reason when I took it back to Wal-Mart in Durant they said they couldn't change it because it had an oversized plug in it and eventually the plug wouldn't seal I guess. They were telling me the shop should of put a helicoil in it instead, I took it to a 2nd Wal-Mart in Denison and they changed it no problem, then when my mom took it to another Wal-Mart in Sherman they said they couldn't change it because of the oversized plug. Who is telling the truth about what? I am getting tired of this whole run around and I am just about to tell Wal-Mart that they can fork out the money for a new oil pan.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
Wal-Mart should have replaced the oill pan and here's why. The oversize plugs are self tappers, and each time you take them in and out, you run the risk of cross threading again. That's what they're afraid of. It got stripped originally, because someone overtorqued it. Their poor work, has now become YOUR problem, and that's not how to do business.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
If Wal-Mart damaged your oil pan, they are responsible for repairing it correctly. If they had the repairs done and now won't change the oil because of the repair work done, they are responsible for getting it corrected. They damaged it, they repaired it, they have to stand behind it.

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
just tell walmart that stripped it that you want them to fork over the money to replace it. stop all the hassle of going from walmart to walmart. most mechanics will not touch something that has been alterd so they will not be reliable if it breaks or whatnot so tell walmart in durant to pay for a new pan to be put on.. they make billiions a yr so they can dish out $100 to replace it.. good luckHow do you fix a stripped oil pan?
i have fixed lots of oil pans and have used everything from silicone to a opinion is they are just giving your mother the run around and if they are the ones that broke it to begine with i would make them replace it.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
those people at wal-mart are jerks. if the drain plug was stripped all they had to do is put a self tapping plug in it. a self tapping plug comes with a washer and it makes its own threads.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
The plug size has nothing to do with changing oil. But for obvious reason, if you simple putting the new oversize plug in without re-threading (making new teeth) your plug would not seal properly. Eventually it would not seal and leak oil. Worse case is it would fall off while driving and destroy your car. Have it fix properly by putting in new thread and proper plug of any size. Or, just get a new oil pan. Depend on the car it can be expansive.

The Wal-mart that does not touch your car is smart because it is a lot of responsibilities. I would not touch your car with plug like that. The thread is stripped, you need new thread or new pan with proper thread, period. But, the plug size or type does not matter. My car have 50 cent .5%26quot;x1%26quot;long s.s. bolt with a 25 cent s.s. washer for a plug. I save me money to know these things.How do you fix a stripped oil pan?
Stripping or rounding off the hex on an oil pan bolt has nothing to do with the threads. If the threads were screwed-up there's no way in hell I would have allowed anyone to screw an oversized threaded oil drain plug on *my oil pan! Wish you'd have explained exactly what about the drain plug was origionally messed-up.

I don't understand why a new %26quot;standard%26quot; oil pan drain plug wasn't substituted for the first one Walmart messed up.

Here's where you made a big mistake. A new car dealer of your mothers car should have done the repairs to begin with. If a complete new oil pan was needed then so be it. You should and could have communicated with them through the process.