Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How is it that this happened to my car??

It threw a rod through my oil pan. I've only had the car for a little over 6 months. I had it smogged, flushed the transmission, and I have had the oil changed on it TWICE! Granted it is an 89 Camry LE. I have checked the oil and fluid levels on a regular basis so what would cause this? And yes, I did have a mechanic check it out before I bought it.How is it that this happened to my car??
you are just lucky!hey i always say wear is like compounded and only goes away when repaired,i think the word is(not in my vocab today).so abuse, vibration and wear have taken its toll and you are the lucky winner of the day woohoo(i know it sucks)hey it aint your fault unless youve been like revving it way high etc.i can tell you toyota makes a good powerplant and they dont often scatter if its any condolence.How is it that this happened to my car??
don't blame the car -- there are no bad cars, just bad owners. Not you. But sometime in the last 20 years, it had an owner that was not so responsible, and it's useful life was shortened.

ok, there are some bad cars. but not yours.