Thursday, September 22, 2011

Questions about a 88 pontiac fiero?

ok it was running fine i dropped the transmission pan and changed the oil and filter. i put new oil in it and ran it once it reaches operating temperature its starts slipping..could this be caused perhaps i put to much fluid in it?? if so how does that happen?Questions about a 88 pontiac fiero?
the age of this car is where most shops will not entertain a transmission drain and fill, a flush, or a filter swap. Reason being the result of your experience. Fluid level too high, check the fluid level is critical as the transmission must breathe, to full of fluid cannot. Can only advise the treatment of Trans-X, one time. If this does not cure it, then its tranny time. luv serQuestions about a 88 pontiac fiero?
it probably don,t have enough fluid in it. get it hot, park on a level surface, leave it running and check it. fill it to the full mark.Questions about a 88 pontiac fiero?
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