Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil drain plug on s10?

1995 s10, 2000 miles on rebuild motor, 5 spd, 4x2. I first noticed the lack of oil when I started hearing the valves jumping, oil change revealed major lack of oil due to the fact that it is leaking from the drain plug bolt. The previous owner has some tacky washers on the bolt that dont really help much. It drips oil on the constant base. How do I fix this problem, do I need to get a larger bolt since it seems like the threads are stripped or do I need a new oil pan? Either way, how do I go about replacementOil drain plug on s10?
You can try a larger drain plug. I've seen that cure the problem before. It will save you lots of money vs. an oil pan. Take your old drain plug to a parts store and tell them you want the next size up.Oil drain plug on s10?
sounds like you need a new oil pan.try a dealer first.some things arent as expensive as you might think.especially at chevy.Oil drain plug on s10?
Best solution is to replace the pan. I take it you just purchased this from the prior own and did not have the engine rebuilt your self. Oil pans can be picked up for pretty cheap and don't take too much to replace. Most home mechanics do it but using a jack and a piece of wood to help raise the engine. Put the piece of wood (I would use something like a 12 in X 12 inch piece) on the tong of the jack and bring it up to contact the transmission. Loosen and remove the bolts for the motor mounts and then raise the engine up to where you have room to lower and remove the oil pan. Install the new oil pan and gasket and tighten the bolts. If you have everything you need you should be able to do this job in about 4 hours with little to no hassle.Oil drain plug on s10?
Be sure that the surface the contacts the taper edge of the bolt is not dinged up - it won't matter what you do with the plug if the mating surfaces aren't mating.

Some plugs require an o-ring - not a washer, and will leak if a simple, cheap washer was substituted for the o-ring, since the washer will not seat on the inside of the pan opening.

Finally - as the others mentioned - if the pan is too far gone you may just have to spring for a new one.Oil drain plug on s10?

1.) Get an oil pressure gauge, and install it! Lights SUCK! Electric gauges SUCK.

2.) Get a ((non pfte))) anti-friction additive for insurance against valve train damage from a lack of oil. If the valve train is shot, your shot.

Your going to have to go to the parts house and snag yourself a thread tap!

Drill the hole out for just enough to knock the old thread out. Go to the parts house, and say that you have a ( whatever) size hole and you need to cut threads in it, and buy that TAP.

***IMPORTANT*** Then buy a stubby bolt FOR THE SIZE AND THREAD PITCH you are tapping.

Make sure it's the ( same ) length as the old one,

***IMPORTANT*** get a copper, or HD plastic washer, or O ring for it. Find out what kind of washer (( or seal )) you need

Your probably going to be better off dropping the pan - FUN FUN FUN!


Cause you don't want to get shavings in the pan when you drill and tap out.

Buy a gasket set for the oil pan. ... MORE FUN installing that!

As you tap, go two turns, back it out.......take the tap out blow the shavings, and proceed further like you did at first until you have cut the threads.

NEVER PUT ALLOT OF *** INTO TIGHTENING AN OIL PAN BOLT. Run it down to contact and go about 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn, if it gets hard to turn STOP PLEASE for the love of God!


There are some chemical thread repairs, but I would think that would be a pain to do that b/c of the oil residue.

A new oil pan from the dealer will cost quite a bit.$$$$$$

Finding one in the junk yard will be hard, unless you find a pan like it on a blown motor in the junk yard.

Hope this helps!Oil drain plug on s10?
Weld it on.Oil drain plug on s10?
Well my money is tight.I would try using a tap to repair the threads and get a new drain plug first.I would also try tapping to the next larger size drain plug.Talk to your local auto parts store.The guys/gals are right about buying a new pan as they are cheap but you might run into having to lift the engine for clearance and Im not sure you have the equipment to do this.look at it this way,It already leakes so you cant go wrong by trying.Oil drain plug on s10?
if the pan is stripped , your best bet is to replace it. you could try an over sized plug and be careful about the angle that you install it. i have had much success with this but i work in lube shop adn have had to do that a few times if not more.
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