Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leaking oil ..... gasket seal? Help please.?

ok so I went to the lube place to get my oil changed and the guy told me something along the lines of I have oil leaking... something about a gasket seal on my oil pan?? Does anyone know what he may be talking about and any idea how many of my limbs im going to have to give up to get this fixed. I can spare a pinky maybe, but not an arm and a leg :D Thanks.Leaking oil ..... gasket seal? Help please.?
yes there is a gasket underneath the oil pan, just have the bolts tightened some around the pan first to see if it stops the leak, there are probably about 15 to 20 bolts that hold the oil pan on, if you don't see oil on the ground under your car where you park it all the time it's not leaking bad enough to worry about it right now.