Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil problem and not sure how to handle it?

i found out this morning that my oil was so low it had about 2 quarts total. when i checked the oil and rubbed my fingers it felts grainy, and cams are noisy. so theres a possibilty of engine damage. heres my situation though. i got my headgasket replaced a month ago and drove about 2000 miles since. my oil never ever has went this low under 2000 miles. so i got an oil change today to see if that helps and found out it was leaking the entire time because of the wrong oil plug(the plug that drains old oil out of the pan. since i never touched my engine since and they made the mistake of the wrong plug, is there something that is my fault and how do i get them to pay for the damages?Oil problem and not sure how to handle it?
i own a repair shop and i don't think they could have purposely put the wrong plug in it because there's only certain ones that will fit,i think what might have happened though is they they may have stripped the old one out and maybe tried a different one to get it to stop leaking,this happens a lot,and most people don't even realize it when the have their vehicle worked on,id go back and have a good talk with them,and see if they will repair it,i don't think they will ,but let me give you a helpful piece of advice,try and be nice at first,this works a lot better than starting off with them with a mad attitude,see how this works,and be firm when you talk to them,don't let them b/s you none,if you handle this right i think you stand a chance of getting some help on it ,good luck with it hope this helps.Oil problem and not sure how to handle it?
If you can prove it to a judge that your car was fine before the head gasket replace and you have whitness ... then you have a case.

Your engine is damaged, you will need to spend some money to repair your car .. 400 to 700 is typical.

Good luck!Oil problem and not sure how to handle it?
It would be nearly impossible to prove they were at fault. Whats saying that you didnt put the wrong plug on to ruin the engine because the car isnt worth fixing?

This is exactly the reason why people learn to work on their own cars. You cannot trust that a mechanic will do good work.. this $120 headgasket replacement is going to cost you $1000 for a new engine.

The only thing you can possibly try is to look up any complaints made to the better business bureau , but this still would be a longshot.

I successfully took a former mechanic to small claims, and my cash was refunded. I got a guarantee from a j-spec engine dealer that the engine i bought ran prior to shipping. It needed modification for it to work in my car, and i got a written statement that the mechanic could successfully install it in my car, and do the modifications required.

I spent my time and did my research, and i gave the mechanic everything needed for the swap, and 1 month after the engine was sent, the car was still not finished. I dont have the equipment or space needed for an engine swap, and i knew mechanics couldnt be trusted, so i had to be smart.

Unfortunatly, if i would have looked up the i would have found that this particular mechanic had numerous complaints, but i found out the info before i took him to court. So suing can be done, but unless you took the necessary safeguards, i dont know what you can do.