Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil drain plug wont go back in?

I have an 1989 Crown Victoria.I was attempting to change my oil myself and when i was trying to put the rear drain plug back in but it kept slipping in and out of the hole. so i bought a bigger nut to widen the hole to hold the big nut, but it wouldnt screw in all the way. Idk if the threads on the pan are stripped or what. i put the bolt in as far as i could and wrapped it up in teflon's been holding all day with no leaks and being driven a bit.How long do you think it'l last before i have to get a new oil pan or just a bigger bolt?Oil drain plug wont go back in?
A self tapping screw requires a little patience to get in.

Try this, it'll properly cut the threads you need:

1) tighten the bolt until it won't turn.

2) unscrew 1 turn

3) continue 1 %26amp; 2 until the plug seats. Remove every 5 times or so to clean the threads on the bolt.

I would recommend using a box end wrench.Oil drain plug wont go back in?
No one can tell you how long it will hold, but to avoid a disaster, get the pan and seal replaced asap. Considering the cars age, the sooner the better.Oil drain plug wont go back in?
I'd say the threads are stripped, get it fixed.

If it goes, you'll lose your oil %26amp; the engine.Oil drain plug wont go back in?
you need to retap it and get a good fitting plug in there. don't mickey mouse it together, and if you're not comfortable doing it yourself find someone to do it.

i'm driving down the road listening to my tunes in my 89 vic, the world is good....i'm chompin' on a whopper, my wife loves me, my children respect m....BOOM...SMOKE...GASP..COUGH, bye bye, NO MORE CROWN VIC! don't put this one off! it will spoil your daOil drain plug wont go back in?
Why not get the self-tapping oil plug bolt for stripped threads. The auto parts houses carry them. They make new threads in the hole that are slightly larger than the original ones.Oil drain plug wont go back in?
find a better auto parts store than the one you went to. there is a rubber plug that is installed with a green screwdriver like probe, made just for stripped out drain plugs. i'm sure there are other types, too. re threading the stripped hole needs to be done carefully when you go with the oversized plug. you are trying to re cut the bad threads to get that tighter fit, not cross thread them to make new ones. the rubber plug is fool proof, anybody can do it. just make sure you save the green tool in the glove box for when you go to change the oil next.