Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to remove Kia Spectra oil drain plug?

I'm trying to change the oil on my '08 Kia Spectra, got it up on Rhino ramps, but cannot get the drain plug off of the oil pan.

I'm using a 17mm attachment on my socket wrench, as it fits perfectly, but after trying many, many times, the plug will not budge. I don't know if it's just cause I'm not able to get much leverage since the plug is only about a foot off of the ground, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or has any suggestions.

Thanks!How to remove Kia Spectra oil drain plug?
longer handled ratchet...better is a breaker bar

2 are you turning correct direction???? right is tight,,,lefty,,,loosey some times under the car makes thing seem backwards

3 tighten it a bit...before going loose/left

4 hit with a hammer...a few medium taps...shock it loose

5 last resort,,take to jiffy lube and let them wreck it for youHow to remove Kia Spectra oil drain plug?
Just make SURE you are trying to turn it the proper direction!

Facing the plug - counter clockwise.How to remove Kia Spectra oil drain plug?
Is your oil pan aluminum with a steel drain plug? If so a corrosion builds between these two metals freezing them together. After you remove it make sure you use a proper size copper washer at installation. Try using a shallow socket with a breaker bar, then place your foot against the bar and push with a steady pressure being careful that the socket stays straight on the plug. If it still does not break free make sure all fluid leak traces are cleaned away then using a propane torch carefully heat the plug and then cool quickly with water, this sudden temperature change breaks the corrosion seal.