Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crankshaft seal???

i have a 199 honda civic EX and its leaking oil and i changed my oil pan and its gasket but it is stillleaking oil, and i was thinking on the crankshaft seal where the clutch is?? is it hard to change it?? how do i change it???Crankshaft seal???
the rear crankshaft oil seal is in two pieces. you replaced the lower, when you dropped the pan. you forgot to replace the upper sael. from this old mechanic, there is a tool, called japanese fingers, they hook on the old seal, and then, if your good, you pull on the jap fingers, and the old sealwill come rright out. then slide the jap. finger up, and around the upper crank cap and hook the new seal on , and pull it through, and seal the ends good with permatex's, and put the pan back up. let the car set over night, do not start the engine, so the new seal will set up and seal the pan. next morningn start the engune, and a way you go.Crankshaft seal???
If the rear main seal is leaking, there's a reason. It's almost for sure a worn rear main bearing, which might come from a scored crank journal. If you take down the oil pan, remove the rear main cap and look at the bearing, then you'll know. You were only one step away.Crankshaft seal???
At the front of the engine, where the timing belt is located. You have two seals, the cam and the crank and both are relatively easy to change, it does require the removal of the timing belt and the drive gears to accomplish this. The rear main would require the transmission to be removed. I hope for your sake it is the front seal. The cam and crank are the most common to leak.