Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?

I began to give my 04 mazda 6 an oil change yesterday. I removed the undercarriage from the bottom of the car and to make a long story short I realized whoever owned the car before me stripped the oil drain plug and I could use some help. I believe I know how to get it off, but I doubt the drain plug would be useable after. So my question is, what are my options? The link shows a pic of what i'm dealing with, its step 9. Its a 6mm hex key flat head screw thats on the oil filter housing. Can I simply go to auto zone or AAP and pick up a new plug? Would they have a temp plug I could use until I can get a replacement? Do I need to buy a whole new oil pan? (i hope not).

Thanks for the help!!Oil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?
Step 9 shows the oil filter cover retaining bolt, not an oil drain plug. It's likely to be several inches long and have machined diameters on the shaft. I would only buy a replacement at a Mazda dealer, after market bolts are questionable and may cause damage to the oil filter housing and/or engine block. I still can't figure out why people always want to do their own oil changes. It's a messy job that leaves you with 4 quarts of drain oil to deal with. There are many places to go for a reasonable oil change and it just is not a big money saving adventure. As you see there is much that can go wrong for the backyard mechanic.Oil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?
You can get a self tapping oil drain plug, in whatever size you need. Its meant to correct the problem of cross threaded drain plugs. Go to your auto parts store, they will have it or order one for you.Oil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?
The parts stores should have the oil drain plug,if they don't ask them how long would it take to order it in,call them on the phone,don't waste alot of time driving to them.Oil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?
go to a lube center they have all the drain plugs because they strip a lot of pansOil Changing Problem?!?! Help!!?
Your question is not very clear, you are asking about a new oil pan but the picture you gave (the 6mm filter housing drain plug) is not on the oil pan, it is on the filter housing. What part is stripped out, the hex head or the threads? if it is the head of the bolt then yes the auto parts store will have one. If it is the threads then you will need to drill, tap, and Heli-coil the threads, or replace the filter housing. I would bring this one in for this oil change if you are talking about problems the oil filter housing. You do not want it stuck in the driveway with a big repair problem and do not have all the proper tools and knowledge to do this your self. Good Luck.:^(