Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Auto mechanic rip

I went in for my routine oil change when the mechanic advised me I had a leak to my 94 Legend. They temporarily fixed this by using an oversized plug.(?) That seemed to remedy the problem but as time went on the little spots on my driveway turned into huge leaks. My mechanic said that the oil pan needed to be changed out and a new gasket kit installed. The job cost me $700 ($300 of labor). That was in Aug 06.

I've had suspicions about my mechanic and how there always seems to be a problem with my car. I have changed mechanics since then. On my last oil change I was advised that I have an oil leak. I had 2 different shops inspect the oil pan/gasket to see if it had really been replaced and both shops said no. One even went as far as to say that they just probably cleaned the pan to look new but upon futher inspection they can definitely say it had not been replaced.

What should I do now? Would getting a lawyer be worth it? I'm leary of going back to the mechanic.Auto mechanic rip
Contact the Bureau Of Automotive Repair if you have one in your state. Or the Better Business BureauAuto mechanic rip
always get a second opinion.................Auto mechanic rip
You can go back and ask him where he bought the pan from, and have him show you HIS receipt for the pan, NOT the receipt he gave you. Also, you can ask him if he still has your old pan. You can take him to small claims court if you feel you have been ripped off. Make sure you take your other mechanics as witnesses. Getting a lawyer over 700 dollars isn't worth it. Sounds to me like you have a strong case.

From now on, anytime you have parts changed on your car, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask to have the old parts back. This will assure you that the parts have been changed.Auto mechanic rip
It certainly sounds a little odd. Using an oversized plug will in no way stop a leak in an oil pan gasket. As far as a lawyer, I think that the cost of the lawyer, and the time involved for yourself might be more trouble than it's worth. Has anyone been able to tell you at this point what this leak is? It would be interesting to find out.Auto mechanic rip
If that was recent, take it back, most work at any decent shop will have something like 6mo/6k mi warranty on their work, it will say on the paperwork you signed. If its still covered (longer than 6 mo/6k)... tell them its leaking again, fix it. Funny though, I have an 89 Legend (great choice in cars btw) and the plug, unless cross threaded (prob by them) should never leak. My legend has had the oil changed about every 2k mi and its up to 340k, thats roughly 170 problem here... I cant believe they would suggest a larger olug in the first place. Anyways. If they didnt put on a new one, take pictures, you could take them to small claims court. Besides that, you should ask what the other shops would charge to change it.... its a pretty easy job when its on a lift.... drain the oil, pull the pan and seal, install reverse...add oil and your good.....Auto mechanic rip
i would go back to them n ask them to fix it or write them a letter saying that u acknowledge that the oil pan has not been replace n being inspected by 2 other mechanic shop and ask for refund the money of the work they did . if no response i would take them to a small claim court and settle there with all the evidence u haveAuto mechanic rip
Your drain plug was probably stripped out from over tightening. Honda/Acuras are famous for being prone to this problem. The only way to fix it right is to replace the pan or repair (weld nut on inside) the pan. Either way the pan has to be removed. I do think the costs seem high. You should check the rates from an Acura dealer. They can look it up in a book. If you were over charged, take them to small claims. Judges don't like crooks. BTW. quick change oil places are known to over tighten and strip drain plugs. The proper method is to use a torque wrench and the replace the crush washer ($0.25) every time the plug is removed.Auto mechanic rip
Well not really be worth it but you need to let him know you caught him and tell him your going to turn him in not only to the better business bureau but the certifiecating office for mechanics they will yank his licenseAuto mechanic rip
Time is a factor with this. If it has been too long or no cooperation with the mechanic, report it to anybody that will listen, Better Business Bureau, Media, Law Enforcement(fraud), Ministry of Transportation, etc. Make sure you have all paper work to back your story and even statements from the other mechanics.