Thursday, September 22, 2011

99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Motor Trouble?

Alright. I love my Eclipse. Its been with me through a lot. I've completely fracking rewired the damn thing. Ripped out the complete stock stereo system and replaced it. Done some interior mods. Had to have the transmission replaced twice and computer replaced once. I mean this car seriously shouldn't be running for what its worth, but I cant buy a new car.

Its an 99 RS automatic with 160K on the engine. Basically a 4 cyl 16 valve 2.0 liter non turbo. It had a rod tapping for while. There was a small leak in the oil pan It stopped tapping after an oil change with lucas treatment. One night it lost power and the tapping turned into a loud rapping (almost like a machine gun) I got it to drive (rather slowly and loudly) 2 miles home. It didn't wanna leave 25mph. The higher the RPM, the faster the rapping (obviously)

I realize I shouldn't have abused my baby like that. But now I need help. Where do i start with diagnosing the problem? How do i tell if its my low end or high end? Lucky me it didn't seize so would a rebuild be worth it? Please help... Haynes doesnt cut it!99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Motor Trouble?
if yo would of delt with it earlier you might have been able to get by with just replacing that bearing..

now it probably messed up the crank and rod.

check your oil and i bet you see alot of metal shavings.

you can find a rebuilt 7bolt for cheap... because they always have this problem. its called crankwalk.99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Motor Trouble?
Oh, you lost a big-end bearing, new motor time.

Frankly, rip your stereo out and find a $500 runner and start anew. No need to race, Find an old K-car or something boxy like that, just wash it and slap some 155 SR13 whitewalls for the lowrider look and keep the tunes turned up.99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Motor Trouble?
Yep sounds like the rod bearing went out. Time for a new motor. It would be low end.

No, a rebuild is not worth it with 160K on it

If you heart is set on this car you might find a repairable with totaled body and a good motor reasonable