Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do i change the trasmission oil on a 96 dodge ram?

Ok..its a 1996 dodge ram,v8, rear wheel drive,with overdrive,auto.5.2 liter.220000 miles

ok so I want to change the engine and trasmission oil..the engine oil is no prob for me as far as changing it...but with kind should I use???? Its an old engine with a lot of miles fo the tickest right,?? 50-20???? How much does it use???

Now the trasmission oil is another deal...I dint find a drain so I guess I have to remove the whole pan??? How much does it use??? Witch kind???? Do I clean out the pan??? Does it need silicone besides the gasket???

I'm not a mechanic or anything close to that..I've changed motor oil a bunch of times..but any idiot can do that..I was thinking if its to hard it would be best to do the oil change myself an take it to have the trans oil changed at a much do you think it would cost..times are do i change the trasmission oil on a 96 dodge ram?
You do have to remove the entire pan to drain it. I would recommend having the truck on a lift, just so it will be easier to get at all of the bolts. You will need a gasket set for the transmission, and a Dex/Merc mix of transmission fluid. You can just go to a local garage for this, and they can tell you how much you will need. And no, you will not need any silicone on anything. I would also recommend cleaning the pan as you let the old fluid drain. Also, to change the fluid is a lot cheaper than having a shop do it for you. When I changed fluid on my '95 Dakota, I spend about $35 at the local garage.

As far as what engine oil to use, try some 10-W30 or something like that. Just use some oil that is a little thicker than what the manufacturer recommends.How do i change the trasmission oil on a 96 dodge ram?
you pull out that long coil when when you check if there is any in there, it goes right in there you will need a funnel