Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can i stop the leak in my oil pan in my civic 93?

there's a leak in the oil pan of my 93 civic ex, and its not the oil pan gasket, i think the pan strip because i put in a size bigger nut to stop it and it only did for that one time and now that i changed the oil again it started to leak once again, and so is there like a seal that i can put on the nut thing, like would a threadlocker jell work?? without replacing the pan?How can i stop the leak in my oil pan in my civic 93?
have you replaced the drain bolt washer on the plug that you put into the oil pan before you refilled the engine with oil? If you don't replace the drain bolt washer when you change the oil you will get a leak from the drain bolt.

if you've already tried to jam a larger bolt into the drain bolt hole then you've probably damaged the threads and have oil leaking through the thread. Other than replacing the oil pan, which you'll probably have to do if that is the case, the only other thing to try is a product like %26quot;lock-tite%26quot; to seal the threads.

it might work but I wouldn't be too optimistic. You could try an epoxy but you'd probably never get the bolt out again.

again, start with the obvious and replace the drain plug washer if you've not changed it. You may find that is the cause of your leak.

hope that helps