Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How easy is it to Change an Oil Pump in a 80's 300zx turbo (z31)?

Ya, I figure my oil pump died... I have no lift or anything all I have is jacks, and what I was wondering is how hard is it to change the oil pump (ie take the oil pan and all the rigging underneath the car that is in the way) while only having the car up on jack stands (in the winter :( Or is it one of those jobs where taking the engine out is a more viable option?How easy is it to Change an Oil Pump in a 80%26039;s 300zx turbo (z31)?
Depends on your mechanical ability, how much engine work have you done? If you can clearly remove the oil pan it shouldn't be to difficult. I would not pull the engine if you can avoid it. If you want to tackle it and your engine mileage is fairly low; by Nissan Standards less than 200K. I would get a Haynes or Chilton Manuel at the library if possible and check the procedures. You might be able to remove the lower cross-member and use a transmission jack to keep the engine in place while you drop the pan and remove the oil pump.

If you have a high mileage engine, you might be better off buying a crate motor. Japanese low-mileage crate motors are fairly cheap if you pay the freight from Japan. Try an internet to see what I mean.

Good Luck!
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