Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to change a 1984 fords oil pan?

Ford publishes shop manuals for all of their cars that you can buy.

There is usually a form in the owner's manual that you can fill out and send your payment to Ford.

This gives you the procedures for all maintenance on your Ford vehicle.How to change a 1984 fords oil pan?
annorax24 is right

Thats the best

But if you struck the oil pan with oil strain then my suggestion is keep playing with this it will come off.How to change a 1984 fords oil pan?
I'm not sure why you want to change it. Is it because it is leaking through rust holes (I had that problem with my 1991 Ford)?

I fiber glassed it. First I used a wire brush in a drill and scrapped all the paint off where the rust holes were. Then I used a junk paint brush to put the resin on the pan, then I put the cloth over the resin and slopped more resin on the cloth.

It worked fine for a year but then the fiberglass came loose. I determined that the hot oil was too much for the resin so I got some body filler that said it resisted oil. I put little dabs over each rust hole. Then I repeated the fiberglass process. It lasted until I sold it 4 years later.

Of course if that isn't your problem, sorry for wasting your time.
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