Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?

Jiffylube stripped my oil pan when the changed my oil. I have a Mazda 6. I took it to a place to have it looked at cause theres oil leak and said that the drain can be re-tapped or I have to get the oil pan replaced.

How much is retapping the oil pan going to cost? Is that something thats going to be cheap? I went to shucks to see if they have the rubber plug there but they said that it was only a temporary fix and they dont have anything I can fix it with.Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
hey buddy , you can get i re tapped with whats called a helicoil but then you will have to take the pan off anyway to get rid of the metal shavings left in there due to the tapping in , the other way is with a screw in thread insted of a helicoil the screw in thread with sump bolt to match should cost about 9 dollars au . and takes about 5 min and comes with all the instructions you need to do it yourself put some thread lock on it like locktight befor you scerw it in and wait for it to dry befor you put the sump plug back in . . . hope i helped cheersMazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
A retapp consists of taking the pan off and retapping it its not a big deal and im sure it will not cost you much just go to a good mechanic its all labor and then the parts Drain plug and gasket.Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
Since Jiffy Lube does not remove the oil pan, that sounds a little odd. Unless you are saying they stripped the drain hole. That is a $2.00 fix. All that is needed is a self-tapping drain plug with gasket in the next size. It takes 2 minutes to do.

They do get a lot of wear and tear. Last oil change they changed the drain plug on my car (first time since car was new, 1995), and it was something like $1.75.Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
Talk to Jiffy Lube. I'll bet this happens all the time with them..Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
Back to Jiffy lube and talk to the management. Talk to the owner, not the dude in charge, unless he wants to make things right. They can retap the drain plug but I'm not too sure if that will stop the leak completely unless you go oversize. good luck.Mazda 6 Oil Pan Stripped. What Do I do?
Well they were righthen it檚 stripped there is not much u can do. Take it back to JL and tell them that the oil is leaking and that they need to fix the problem. Don't tell them that u took the car anyplace else. Just tell them that you noticed the oil leaking and they were the last ones to mess with it. Do it ASAPope you kept the receipt!

I always have my oil changed at the dealer. It may cost a little more but I know that I will get the proper oil %26amp; correct oil filter and won檛 have these kinds of amateur problems.