Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How hard to change oil pump?

I have a 93 Suburban K1500 with 110,000 miles on a 350. Has low oil pressure and will knock when cold or at idle. Just started doing it, so I think I might be able to save it since the knock is not bad yet and goes away when oil pressure comes up a little. Is it simply a matter of draining the oil, dropping the pan and swapping out the pump? Will the 4wd be in the way?How hard to change oil pump?
it sounds like your pickup screen on the oil pump is clogged up. you could have a flush done on the enging and see if that helps, but if you have to drop the oil pan to clean the pickup you might as well change the pump as well. all in all about 3 hours to change the pump. the 4 wheel drive does not add much more difficulty to the job.How hard to change oil pump?
A two wheel drive would not be to bad, It is just has you stated. You going to hate having a four wheeler while your under there. Cause it is not going to be easy at all.That dang diff. is right in the way.How hard to change oil pump?
jack that sucker up on cherry picker remove the motor mount bolts

drop the pan and replace the oil pump with new shaft and screen

since you got alot mileage ask for a high volume pump this will help the oil pressure too

dont get the high out put pressure pump =blow by on rings

it should take ya about 4 hrs to do by hand tools on the ground

ps dont try running the oil treatmentHow hard to change oil pump?
yes the 4wd differential will be in the way .