Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?

When i got my oil change done..the guy said my oil pan has a hole in it the size of a pin hole. i have an 07 Pontiac G6. Im not even going to bother to bring it all the way to my dealer bc I know theyll try to blame me on doing it although I have hit NOTHING, i think it was done when my car had to get towed, the first week i bought it.

How much is it going to cost to replace the oil pan?? for i am a grad student and hoping it is not expensive.

thanks in advance :o)Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?
I would say about $500. And also, don't be a line jumper. Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?
Well that's not a cheap job at all it be about I bet 250 to 350 bucks at least.I'd be getting a dealership to look at it when possible bec it could be a factory mistake or faulty oil pan etc.

Was there any marks or dents or scrapes by the pin hole at all? If not it's likely its a factory fault and it's always had the pin hole but no one has noticed it.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if one dealership doesn't want to warranty repair and there is no obvious scrapes or dents etc call the head office up and complain or try different dealerships etc.Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?
its going to cost you around 4-500 bucks to get that one replaced,and that's having it done through a local shop,id see about getting one through a dealer and then price out the labor through a local repair shop,good luck.Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?
You might want to have a seat before you get the answer to your question. It will be in the 3 to 4 hundred range.This is a low guess,due to it being a newer G6.

You may find some one like me,That can repair it on the car. Need to know how to clean the boo boo very good.

I have done this many times,the pan is low.Made of soft aluminum. The up front position is going to be damaged.

Drain the oil and wait a day, then clean Patch with J-B WELD KWIK. Wait another day an your ready to replace the oil. If it leaks , You repeat until you cleaned it well enough for the weld to bond,which is the tricky part.

Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?
how do you know its not a factory defect? most cars have metal or plastic oil pans and both could be repaired fairly easy if the hole is a pin hole size as you say. the metal pan could have a braze weld done and the plastic type could be treated with plastic weld both under 100 bucks the pan doesnt need replaced just repaired.Cost of Replacing an oil Pan?

You can buy an OEM oil pan from rockauto ranging $16.50 - $53 for an acdelco brand. Labor on the book is only 1.1 hours times the prevailing labor rate in your market so you should end up spending from $80 to $150 total + oil change. Or you can find a local home mechanic on craigslist, ask and call 2-3 of his references and pay him/her $25-40 for labor. It's a very easy job.

If you've changed the oil youself before, then you have enough skill to tackle this job on your own. There are 14 bolts to remove after you've drain the oil. Pry gently with a butter knife or wide flathead screwdriver to remove the old pan. Apply a light bead of gasket sealer to new pan and tighten the bolts by hand the first 2 complete turns before using a wrench. Just tighten evenly in opposing order then clockwise. Don't over tighten(25 ft lbs) , you don't want to strip the block. Complete the oil change.